Our Products

Product Shelf Life & Care

  • Shopping from our website ensures that you receive the freshest products available.

  • We recommend using our products within 6 months after opening. This is when the ingredients are at their best, peak performance and provides the most beneficial effects. 

  • Our products can sit unopened for 12-18 month. They have been tested for shelf life of 18 months unopened and another year opened providing usage of clean fingers and/or spatulas. However, our recommendation is that you use the products within 6 months after opening. 

  • The cream's life length after being opened can vary depending on how the product is handled. Keep the products at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat and always use clean fingers and/or spatulas. 

  • Please contact customer service with any questions or to inquire about our 30-day return or exchange policy

Our Packaging

The packing we use is part of how we preserve our products. Our packaging prevents light from breaking down the ingredients. 

We mostly use aluminum jars and pump bottles  that are lined with glass. These jars eliminated the light completely. Our serums are also aluminum lined with glass, plus they have a pump to prevent air from entering the product. 

We also use dark colored glass bottles for our toners and hair serum. The dark glass eliminated light and chemical contamination. 

All our plastic jars are double walled polypropylene that will help preserve the products from light and our dark plastic bottles are PET. 

All our jars, bottles and plastic jars are recyclable. The only items that cannot be recycled are the pumps on our Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover and lotions, and the mist sprayer on our facial toner.  Please check with your local community’s recycling program to ensure that you can recycle glass, aluminum and plastic. 

When Was My Product Made?

We do not make products that can sit on a shelf for years. When buying directly from HoneyGirlOrganics.com, you get the freshest and most effective products. You can easily determine when your HGO product was made at our facility in Hawaii, just look for the batch number on the bottom of your jar or bottle, starting with an H.

You will need to look at the 5 digits after the H, and here is how you can determine the manufacturing date:

  • H10115 - this product was made in 2021 on January 15th.
  • H1 = 2021 (H0 = 2020)
  • 01 = the first month of the year (January)
  • 15 = the 15th of the month

We Are USDA Certified Organic & Cruelty-Free

No parabens, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, fillers, or other unnatural additives are used in the manufacturing of our organic skin care. We also believe in the safety and health of animals and promise that no animal testing is ever performed. Our research is performed completely by adult human volunteers who are fully aware of any new ingredients or processes used. 

All our products are USDA Organic Certified except:

General Instructions For The Use Of Our Creams:

  • The creams are concentrated. A little goes a long way!
  • Apply a small amount first, then increase amount as desired.
  • There may be some separation in the creams from time to time because no artificial or chemical emulsifiers or stabilizers are used. If separation should occur, please stir lightly with a clean spatula.
  • This does not apply to our thicker creams like the Night Crème, Super Skin Food, Mom & Baby Butter, Foot Balm and Cuticle & Nail Crème - these thicker creams should not be stirred. 
  • It’s best to either use applicator or clean hands when getting product out of the jar. This will keep the product in a fresh condition longer.
  • Do not refrigerate. The creams keep best at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat.