Autumn is upon us and that means spending more time inside. What better way to do that -- than spend some time on yourself. Self-care has become a beauty ritual that many of us incorporate into our daily lives. Taking time to develop practices that promote a healthy body, mind and spirit is well worth the effort. And yet, when it comes to the body, many of us simply focus on the face. Heed our gentle reminder that self-care is taking care of your whole body! Honey Girl Organics has created a complete USDA certified organic skin care line, including products for your entire body: feet, hands, nails & hair. 

Meet the newest member of the Honey Girl Ohana -- the PROTECT stick!






Each one of our products is made by hand here on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. By doing it all ourselves, we can control every aspect of the process to ensure you get the absolutely purest and highest quality skin care product available! Read more to learn about our products' shelf life and when the product were made.





Honey Girl Organics takes advantage of nature's finest and most concentrated nutrition. This means always searching for the best suited and most organic ingredients available.  After a lot of customer feedback along with our research and testing, we are shifting away from our current soy based Vitamin E to a sunflower oil based Vitamin E.

Double cleansing just got easier, and what's more-- pleasurable. That's right. The process of feeding your skin while deeply cleansing feels so good, you'll want to make it a daily practice. And why not? This dynamic duo is the ideal set for getting radiant, glowing skin.  


As we shift into summertime with warmer weather and, in some places, more humidity, we should also transition into our summer skincare routine. Here are some tips on how to look your glowing best during the balmy summer months! 

These days many of us are concerned about what goes into our food. We concern ourselves about growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, and pesticides. Increasingly, studies show the positive effects of having an all (or mostly) organic diet, opposed to one that has been infected with harmful chemicals. But when it comes to our skin care, scientists and media outlets seldom mention it. With a growing focus on what goes into our bodies, we must also concern ourselves with what goes onto our bodies.

We at Honey Girl Organics never forget our beginnings. It all started over 20 years ago, when owners Anthony and Gwen Maxfield moved to a property on the North Shore of Oahu that happened to already "bee" occupied-- with you guessed it, honeybees. :)

Proper footcare is vital to an overall healthy lifestyle. Most times, we don’t bother with the same amount of care to our feet as we do our hair, face, and body. Need a reason to treat your feet? We’ll give you three.

Spring cleaning is about clearing space-- and gaining peace of mind.  By letting go of what's not needed and not helpful, we make way for a new and better, healthier life. The very process of letting go reinvigorates our strength, ability, and resolve to be our best self.  New energy and focus make it the perfect time to create healthier habits.