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As we shift into summertime with warmer weather and, in some places, more humidity, we should also transition into our summer skincare routine. Here are some tips on how to look your glowing best during the balmy summer months! 

These days many of us are concerned about what goes into our food. We concern ourselves about growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, and pesticides. Increasingly, studies show the positive effects of having an all (or mostly) organic diet, opposed to one that has been infected with harmful chemicals. But when it comes to our skin care, scientists and media outlets seldom mention it. With a growing focus on what goes into our bodies, we must also concern ourselves with what goes onto our bodies.

We at Honey Girl Organics never forget our beginnings. It all started over 20 years ago, when owners Anthony and Gwen Maxfield moved to a property on the North Shore of Oahu that happened to already "bee" occupied-- with you guessed it, honeybees. :)

Proper footcare is vital to an overall healthy lifestyle. Most times, we don’t bother with the same amount of care to our feet as we do our hair, face, and body. Need a reason to treat your feet? We’ll give you three.

Spring cleaning is about clearing space-- and gaining peace of mind.  By letting go of what's not needed and not helpful, we make way for a new and better, healthier life. The very process of letting go reinvigorates our strength, ability, and resolve to be our best self.  New energy and focus make it the perfect time to create healthier habits.

Incorporating the lifestyle choices in this quiz are important steps on your path to green beauty. We at Honey Girl Organics are happy to support you by bringing you the purest skin care you'll ever find. No matter what shade you are - you're gorgeously green to us. Thank you for choosing to be green! Aloha!


There’s a lot of talk about detoxing the body these days. It’s usually an inside job. This means eating and drinking certain foods to eliminate toxins from the body. It’s a paradigm shift from the days of “dieting” simply to loose weight. The focus is on wellness rather than appearance, but of course the two go hand-in-hand.

Honey is one of nature’s super-foods, and honeycombthe exquisitely formed wax vessel bees create to store honey, is potent with healing enzymes and vitamins. Propolis, a lesser known product of the bee hive (often used in medicinal tinctures) is packed with antioxidant and antiviral flavonoids and phenolic acids. 

Meet Lexy.  She's one of the best "flow artists" (aka fire dancers) on the Hawaiian Islands, and, one of the best sales managers we could ever ask for!  By day she runs the HGO office taking your calls and orders, by night-- she lights up the sky!

The health benefits of honey have been known for thousands of years. It's prized for it's powerful healing and nutritional properties. And yet, honey is just one of the jewels of the beehive. Research has shown that beehive ingredients including honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and bee pollen demonstrate great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for skin care products.