About Us

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Honey Girl Organics recognizes that your best accessory is always going to be your glowing skin.

Using a combination of science and nature, we provide a line of luxurious and effective organic skin care products handcrafted in Hawai’i. Our products are specially formulated blends of nature's best health enhancing ingredients. These fusions work together to heal and renew the skin, giving you a refreshing, more youthful appearance.

It's nature’s own science applied to your skin!  

Our Roots: Beehives to Bee-uty 

In 1998, founders Anthony Maxfield, Gwen Maxfield, and Christina Sirlin had an amazing discovery. They realized that honey and beeswax had astonishing rejuvenating properties, and blended with their favorite highly nourishing oil, make marvelous moisturizers! Their hands got softer and their faces smoother with each application.

A Message From The Owners:


After moving to Hawai’i, the founders discovered their new neighborhood had been laden with bees. Instead of trying to exterminate or give them a new home, Anthony decided to keep them, and found his calling as a beekeeper. He is currently the President of the Hawai'i Beekeepers Association. When Gwen and Christina started looking for their perfect healthy, chemical-free moisturizers, Anthony began to emulsify the beeswax, honey and olive oil to make the revitalizing skin care we know today.  

The name “Honey Girl” was inspired by the local island lifestyle, often used throughout Hawai’i as a term of endearment. Local living combined with the founders’ dedication to the all-natural Green Beauty Movement helped shape and nurture Honey Girl Organics, then brought to market in 2006.

Taking the Lead: Our Mission

We are devoted to the Green Beauty Movement, where skincare is as healthy and as safe as the best organic food available. The skin is a sensitive organ that absorbs substances that we rub onto our bodies. Therefore, our products are made with the most natural, organic ingredients possible.

We own our formulations, research, development and production processes from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality every step of the way. Every product is manufactured in small batches so that they are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep.

Our Commitment: Our Promise To You

We understand the importance of organic ingredients today. Many other lines find it much easier to use chemically-processed ingredients in their skin care, despite the possibility that they may lead to further skin and health issues. Phrases such as “natural” and “organic” are so easily thrown around in modern marketing. This is why we worked so diligently to become USDA Organic Certified. We back up our organic ingredients with this United States seal, guaranteeing fresh, organic, chemical-free products.*

Honey Girl Organics strives to provide the most safe and effective skin care possible. No parabens, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, fillers, or other unnatural additives are used in the manufacturing of our organic skin care. We also believe in the safety and health of animals and promise that no animal testing is ever performed. Our research is performed completely by adult human volunteers who are fully aware of any new ingredients or processes used.


We are proud to announce that Honey Girl Organics has been included in the Environmental Working Group's list of  highly recommended beauty brands. Our dedication to using natural, organic ingredients and eco-friendly practices is in line with the EWG's objective of promoting healthy living through informed consumer choices. This recognition is a testament to the quality and integrity of our products and a stamp of approval for those seeking safe and sustainable skincare options. 



* All products are USDA Organic Certified except: