The Buzz on Skin Flooding: A Deep Dive into the Latest Skincare Trend with Honey Girl Organics

The Buzz on Skin Flooding: A Deep Dive into the Latest Skincare Trend with Honey Girl Organics

As the earth transitions from the depths of winter into the vibrant embrace of spring, there's a perfect opportunity to dive head-first into the social media skincare trend called, skin flooding. This trend has peaked during the winter months in the last two years, but here at Honey Girl Organics we know that spring is the perfect time to focus on hydrating the skin and nourishing it on a deeply cellar level. 
Trends come and go, but the need to hydrate the skin is a staple conversation here at HGO, so let’s chat about what skin flooding is, and how to achieve this golden glow with products that are organic, and carefully handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality for you and your skin. 

Skincare trends are only as good as the products you’re using to achieve them, and here at Honey Girl Organics we source all of our ingredients meticulously and sustainably, giving you top-notch skincare products for all the trends that you feel inspired to try out!

What is “Skin Flooding”?

The term “skin flooding” comes from the idea that you flood the skin with moisture-rich products, allowing your skin to take in as much hydration as possible for a radiant glow! The key to this skincare trend is using and layering products that contain humectants, as these ingredients are crucial for their ability to absorb water into the skin for that moisture-enriched look. Ensure your products contain aloe, oat, honey, hyaluronic acid, or other humectants to see the most visible results from this skincare trend!
The beautiful part about this trend is how you can personalize it to make it your own, you can tailor this protocol to your skin’s specific needs, and the products you know and love. Skin flooding is a great way to layer your products if you’re an individual who is looking to lock in moisture, try out a new skincare trend for spring, and enhance the look and feel of your skin during the transition from winter to warm months ahead. 
While you might have first heard about this trend from social media influencers, or beauty bloggers, this goes beyond the social feeds. The idea of layering and flooding the skin with hydration is a long-standing practice in the Korean skincare world, the concept of “layering” several lightweight products has been passed down from generation to generation. 
Since there is no strict protocol for skin flooding, we wanted to give you a simple approach for how you can jump onto this skincare trend—the organic way


Below is our step-by-step of how to get that dewy glow with organic and natural products from HGO.

Our Guide to Skin Flooding!

Skin flooding is a technique that strategically layers moisturizing products to offer enhanced and prolonged hydration to the skin.
This process is made up of four simple steps: cleansing the skin, spritzing the skin with a mist, applying a deeply nourishing serum, and finally, moisturizing the skin to lock in all the goodness!
To effectively skin flood, you'll need to begin with Honey Girl Organics Foaming Facial Wash, our formula was meticulously crafted to eliminate surplus oils, impurities, and toxins from your skin. Infused with organic witch hazel, raw Hawaiian honey, and propolis extract, it thoroughly purifies pores, leaving your skin invigorated and cleansed—without making your skin feel tight or dry!
After rinsing off the foaming facial wash, we recommend that you slightly pat away any excess water, leaving a slight dampness to the skin. 
From here we move into the next step of misting, we are going to opt for the Facial Toner, while all the ingredients in this formula are going to deeply penetrate the skin, the organic rose oil is known for its ability to hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling noticeably soft and supple, and rose oil also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
After you’ve let the Facial Toner sink into the skin for a few minutes, we’re going to start layering with the third step, and that is the HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum, this formula was carefully crafted to stimulate collagen growth and enhance cellular turnover, this results in skin that is more resilient, and luminous.
The final step in your skin flooding regimen has two parts; first, you are going to apply a small amount of the Face & Eye Crème, this rich formula is going to act as a barrier to the skin, and lock in all the incredible products you’ve just layered. From here, you are going to move into the final step, one more time grab your Facial Toner, and generously mist your entire face, you want the skin to appear damp, this extra layer of hydration is going to seal in all the transformative power of the products you’ve just flooded with your skin with!
We love doing this entire skin flooding routine about an hour before bed, allowing your skin to drink in all the nourishing products fully and truly reap the benefits of all the organic ingredients. 
If you want to step up your skin hydration game even more, we highly recommend switching to a silk pillowcase, this will ensure that all the skincare products you apply to your face before bed will not transfer onto the absorbent cotton fabric that most pillowcases are made from. Making the switch to a silk pillowcase we give your nighttime skincare routine a powerful boost, and help your skin retain all the moisture that you just layered onto it!
We believe that the true beauty of any trend is how *you* put your unique spin onto it, so add in another product, and throw in some more steps, we support your skin-infused creativity here at HGO.
Here’s to glowing this spring!
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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