Founded in 2006 HGO is devoted to the Green Beauty Movement, where skincare is as healthy and as safe as the best organic food we'd want to eatThe skin is a sensitive organ that can absorb substances that we rub onto our bodiesTherefore, our products are made with the most natural, organic ingredients possible. 

We own our formulations, research, development and production processes from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality every step of the way. Every product is manufactured in small batches so that they are the freshest when they get to your store location!

Wholesale Information

Documents Needed

  • Business License
  • Resale License
  • Tax ID

Opening Order

  • $250.00 Minimum Order
  • Must order at least 3 of each SKU ordered
  • Pre-Pay with credit card
  • Free Shipping

Repeat Orders

  • No minimum order required
  • Net 30 offered
  • Free Shipping over $250.00 (Within the United States)


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