Perfect Summer Duo

Perfect Summer Duo

June is here and summer is in full swing. We're finally spending more time outside and it feels good.

With the longer and warmer days, your sun-kissed skin might need some extra care and we have the perfect skincare duo. 

Meet After Sun & Protect

After Sun Face & Body Lotion feels amazing after a day in the sun! As the name suggests, it can be used both on your face and your whole body.
Healing and cooling organically grown aloe vera gel, raw Hawaiian honey, together with organic olive oil and beeswax, helps the skin heal and repair from overexposure to sun and heat.
The refreshing scent comes from carefully selected essential oils including fir balsam, lemongrass, clove, patchouli, jasmine, and, vanilla. These oils all help skin rejuvenate. 

Honey Girl Tip: Keep the After Sun in your fridge for an extra cooling effect and apply right after the shower while your skin is still a bit moist. 

Protect is a multipurpose stick that can be used to protect against all the elements - wind, water, weather, sun, and, pollution.
It is formulated with 20% uncoated non-nano zinc oxide and several organic plant oils that naturally protects against the sun. All in a handy stick that can be carried with you where ever you go. 

Honey Girl Tip: We like to use a light moisturizer under the protect stick, so it's easier to apply. The HoneyGlo Face Serum is great to layer with the Protect stick for a moisturized feel and easy application. 

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