It all started with the honeybee

We at Honey Girl Organics never forget our beginnings. It all started over 20 years ago, when owners Anthony and Gwen Maxfield moved to a property on the North Shore of Oahu that happened to already "bee" occupied-- with you guessed it, honeybees. :) Rather than move them out, Anthony and Gwen got to know this colony of bees, and grew to love and care for them. Anthony, who at the time was busy building their house on the property, took a couple days off to harvest some of the abundance of honey that had stored up.  He recalls, "it was my first time harvesting and I didn't' have any fancy equipment, I simply squeezed the honeycomb to extract the honey.  The honey was luscious! There's nothing like raw, organic Pupukea Honey!” 


But what Gwen, his wife remembers most was, "how soft and smooth Anthony's hands had become after the 2 day harvest. After I saw what the beeswax and honey did to heal and sooth his calloused and dry hands after years of construction work-- I was convinced he had to make us a skin cream."
 ...and so he did. 

And here we are, decades later.  That skin cream, the Face & Eye Crème, was shared with friends and family to the point where it was in such demand, they built a whole business around it, Honey Girl Organics.  Some things have changed over the years; the line has expanded to over 20 botanically-based and honey-infused skin care products-- but the HGO roots remain the same. Partner and owner Christina Sirlin says, “It all goes back to the way we choose to live really; to "bee" in harmony with nature for our own well-being and the health of our planet.”

Just like that original hive of Pupukea bees, we invite nature into our lives by supporting it, protecting it and growing from it.  And, of course sharing our love for natural beauty with you!


 Hawaii Beekeeper's Association supports local beekeepers


Thinking global and acting local is not just a catch-phrase, it's a way of living.  That's why owners, Anthony Maxfield, President of the Hawai'i Beekeeper's Association, his wife Gwen and their partner Christina will donate 10% of their sales on Earth Day to the Hawaii Beekeeper's Association. This group works to educate people of all ages about how and why honeybees are so critical to our ecosystem, as well as supports beekeepers of all levels gain experience with honeybees.

If you come visit the North Shore of Oahu, please join us for our monthly beekeeper's gathering the first Monday of every month.  Follow Honey Girl Organics on Instagram and Facebook for meeting times and announcements! 

When you buy from Honey Girl Organics, know that you are supporting local beekeepers who use sustainable and organic practices for healthy honeybees and a healthy planet!  Happy Earth Day!  

All photos by Katie Metzger

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