🌴How to Switch to Organic Skincare Without Breaking the Bank & Doing it Sustainably!🌴

🌴How to Switch to Organic Skincare Without Breaking the Bank & Doing it Sustainably!🌴

You’ve decided to switch to organic skincare, but you are now left with the looming question of HOW?!  

Wait! You did read part one of this blog series, right
If you missed part one, read up here about all the reasons you should clean up your skincare routine and opt for organic skincare products instead.
Now, let’s dive into the most commonly asked questions when people are looking to make the switch to organic skincare. The truth is you’re not alone, we’ve all had the same questions, so we’re here today to guide you through them.
The Honey Girl Organics Lineup
“Do I have to throw out all of my current products?”
Fear not, we are not recommending you grab a trash bag and clear out your entire stash!
First, we’re going to give you a cheat sheet of products that should be thrown away right now: 

Is this product almost empty?

Toss it, write down the product, and we’ll chat about this later in the blog!
Has your skin ever experienced irritation or had a reaction to this product?
If the answer is yes, toss it!
There is no need to use products that are irritating your skin; if you’ve experienced increased sensitivity, rashes, inflammation, or an allergic reaction please toss these products!
Woman Dipping into Our Luxurious Rose Creme 

Are there toxic ingredients in your product?

We wrote an in-depth blog all about the top 15 toxic ingredients to avoid in your skincare products. This is a must-read when trying to determine which skincare products to keep or toss, as we go into all the ingredients to be aware of, and explain the reason these ingredients need to be avoided.

So, let’s do the flip-over test: 

If your current products contain any of these ingredients, we highly recommend you stop using them. If you decide to toss them, write down the products once again and we’ll go over that later!
Toss any products that contain these ingredients:
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • Artificial Colors & Coal Tar Dye
  • Benzophenone
  • BHA & BHT
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydroquinone
  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • Petroleum-By-Products & Mineral Oil
  • Phthalates
  • Triclosan 
Woman going through skincare routine
“I tossed all of my toxic products! So, can I use the remainder of my other products and then switch to organic?”
We always want to recommend the most sustainable way to make the healthier switch to organic skincare. 
Sustainable to Mother Earth, your wallet, and your peace of mind. 
Congrats, you did the hardest part, you said goodbye to all your toxic skincare products!
Now, you can either do a mini shopping haul and replace all your thrown-out items with organic products from Honey Girl Organics, or you can do a full shopping haul once you’ve used up the remaining non-toxic products and are ready for a full skincare makeover!
If you have the budget to make the full organic skincare switch now, but don’t want to throw away a perfectly good product, we have a sustainable solution for you.
 Honey Girl Gift Set
Any non-toxic product that you still have and do not want to continue using because you are ready for the full re-vamp, you can donate with love to your friends or family members.
There is a small catch though, we only recommend this for products that have remained sterile; toners, facial sprays, and serums are great examples of products that can be donated. Any product that you’ve dipped your fingers into like jar-based moisturizers, we recommend that you toss and *do not* donate.
If you need clarity on this, pop a comment down below with the product you’re curious about donating and the helpful bees at Honey Girl will respond with their best answer for you.
Lineup of Honey Girl Organics Products
“I am ready for new organic skincare products, where do I start?”
Woo-hoo, it is time to shop, and there are several ways to shop for Honey Girl products!
You can search for specific products you need replacing (the list you created comes in handy here), this is for those who are eager to revamp their current skincare routine from top to bottom.
Start with some Honey Girl fundamentals like the Face & Eye Crème, Foaming Facial Wash, and The Lotion. Once you have your basics, you can build out your new skincare routine from there!
Our favorite tip is visiting our samples page, this gives you a chance to test the new organic skincare products without committing to the full-size product. It’s a great way to try new items, form opinions of what works best for your skin, and truly build out a new customized organic skincare routine for yourself.
Here at Honey Girl Organics, we are all for sustainable ways when switching to organic skincare. We want you to feel confident and excited while shopping with us, which is why we love our sample section!
 Honey Girl Organics Samples
Want to see what others think? Here are some of the most recent reviews from Honey Girl consumers and what they have to say about using our organic skincare products:
Debra L 
Product: The Lotion - Organic
“This is, by far, the best body lotion I have used. Living in AZ dry skin is an issue and this is a luxurious solution. Absolutely love Honey Girl products.”
Sheila W
Product: Foaming Facial Wash
“The Foaming Facial Wash is gentle to my face and very easy to use. Just one pump of the foaming wash into my hand is all I need for my face to feel clean.”
Melissa C
Product: Face & Eye Crème - Organic
“Experimented using other moisturizers that are more easily accessible but always come back to HoneyGirl! My skin doesn't feel fully quenched with the others like it does from the Face and Eye Crème! My skin just drinks it up!”
Cheers to organic skincare, cleaning up your products, and doing it sustainably and affordably! 
 Happy with Honey Girl Organics
If you have any questions about switching to organic products, need personal recommendations, or have questions - remember to use the comment section below to speak directly to us here at HGO!
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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