Clean Up Your Skincare Routine and Buy Organic! 🌺

Clean Up Your Skincare Routine and Buy Organic! 🌺


Let’s set the scene…

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Before you cleaned up your skincare routine and bought organic products:
You’re standing in the skincare aisle, about to pick up your favorite rose-scented moisturizer that you’ve been using for the last five years when something nudges you to turn the product over. 
But you are hesitant because you know once you read the ingredients your go-to product has a high likelihood of becoming enemy number one.  
Synthetic Fragrances
Mineral oils
Artificial colors
And what’s scarier are the longer words you can barely pronounce. You don’t even need to know how to say them, but you know they shouldn’t be going onto your skin. 
The Honey Girl Organics Product Lineup
 After you learned about making the healthier choice and swapped for organic skincare products: 
You’re standing in your bathroom about to apply your favorite Rose Crème from Honey Girl Organics, and you joyfully turn over the product because you know what you’re about to read!  
You now understand the importance of using and supporting skincare brands that are organic. 
Beautiful, familiar, non-scary words stare up at you. 
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Beeswax
Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil
Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Organic Propolis  
No more mystery ingredients, no more words you can barely pronounce, and no more guesswork *if* it is good for the health of your skin, your body, and the planet. 
Pro-tip: When the ingredients in your skincare list make you hungry, you’ve chosen an elite brand, good work!
 Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask and Scrub with Honey
But what does organic skincare products mean?
The coverage and buzz of ‘clean skincare’ is overwhelming. We get it. 
Every brand is touting the words; clean and natural.
A quick myth-busting session can help you CLEAN UP your skincare, and not get lost when trying to do so. When we say, “Clean up your skincare routine and buy organic!” it is key to know that a skincare product can be natural and organic, but not all natural skincare products are organic. 
This is why when focusing on skincare products, we love to focus on the word organic, not the word “natural.” Natural can be a grey, tricky land to navigate in these times of brands attempting to greenwash their products so they are part of the “clean” beauty movement. 
If the product is claiming to be “natural,” this is your cue to flip it over, put on your researcher hat, and truly understand the ingredients you’re about to put onto your precious skin.
If the product claimed to beorganic,” make sure it’s
1. labeled USDA-certified organic,
2. the ingredients are labeled as such &
3. the third party certifying agency is listed on the back. 
 Tanna Boss holding the Super Skin Food, Facial Scrub, and 8oz Matte
When products are USDA-certified organic, this means that a third party has verified that at least 95% of the ingredients used are organic and the company complies with all organic manufacturing practices.
Buying organic skincare also means you are getting the highest quality ingredients that are grown by organic farmers, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, and other harmful chemicals.
P.S. Honey Girl Organics is USDA-Certified Organic! Finding brands that have the USDA-certified organic label is not easy, and that’s because it is a rigorous process for brands to complete. Once completed, they must also pass a yearly audit and inspection, and maintain strict and accurate monitoring of all of the organic ingredients and finished products throughout the year.   
At the Honey Girl Organics, we do this and can proudly have our products wear the
USDA-certified organic emblem.
Applying the Honey Girl Organics Lotion
  5 reasons to clean up your skincare routine +

opt for organic products.

1)   We care about Mother Earth, and we know you do too!       
By purchasing organic products, you are supporting farmers, brands, and companies that source and grow their ingredients without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.
It’s small, personal steps like this that have a greater impact on the earth and
reduce the footprint we’re leaving on the planet.
2)   Every time you buy organic, you’re not just purchasing a product,
you’re voting with your money!         
This is a big one! Most people think they only vote when election season is upon them, but you have infinite power, and the power you uniquely wield is how you spend your money.
Think of your money as a yes or no voting system, when you purchase from organic skincare brands, you are saying YES to a cleaner routine, a healthier you and a healthier planet, safer farming/growing practices and so much more.
You have a choice every single day to vote with your money, so vote wisely. 
 Open Jar of Night Crème, Extra Sensitive
3)   Higher quality ingredients = better skin! 
When you strip away unnecessary ingredients, like fillers, toxic ingredients, and additives; you are left with a truly powerful formula! Skincare products that are created to let the organic ingredients shine have a positive effect on your skin health. This is because there are no filler ingredients to dilute the potency of these natural and powerful ingredients that will give you soft, smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin. 
4)   If you’re prone to allergies or reactions,
choosing organic skincare products is the smarter choice. 
Some non-organic skincare products can cause sensitive skin to flare up, and can even cause an allergic reaction, leaving you with the potential to make the skin issue you’re trying to solve - worse, not something anyone out there with sensitive skin needs!
When you opt for organic skincare products, you are less likely to have a sensitivity to the ingredients and/or a reaction. 
 Looking at the Texture of the Body Crème
5.)  You can put your mind at ease because
they are SAFE to use! 
When you purchase organic skincare, you are no longer using products with synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals. Instead, these carefully curated formulas are guaranteed to be free of toxic ingredients and are derived from plants and/or ingredients that were harvested organically. You can sleep better knowing the ingredients in organic skincare products are working for you and your health, and not against you.
So, are you ready to make the switch to organic skincare?
Don’t let the dread of HOW stop you from purchasing healthier and more effective products. We get it, breaking up with your favorite toxic brands can feel overwhelming…
Honey Girl Organics Body Creme, Foaming Facial Wash, and Super Skin Food 
Honey Girl has your skin and back - next week we are releasing part 2 to this organic skincare chat; how to clean up your skincare products and not clean out your wallet!
We’re off to tend to the bees, chat soon. 

Love, Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics

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