Honey Girl Organics Ingredients: Bee Propolis and it's Positive Effects on Your Skin

Honey Girl Organics Ingredients: Bee Propolis and it's Positive Effects on Your Skin

Honey Girl Organics is obsessed with all things bees, the long-time infatuation rests in our name itself - H O N E Y.
Today we wanted to get into what the buzz is all about regarding one of our star ingredients: Bee Propolis!
If you've used one of our skincare products, you've most likely encountered propolis, since many of our products contain an Extract made with Organic Propolis. 
Since we harness the magical power of all things bee-related here at HGO, we tend to incorporate hive products into most formulas, when possible!
What is Bee Propolis?
Bee propolis is a resin-like substance formed from botanical sources. The bees venture out and collect various forms of plants, tree buds, sap flows, and plant exudates to create this protective material for their hives.
This "bee glue" differs from beeswax and honey, as this hive product is not excreted from the bees themselves. Instead, the bees use the various resinous materials they've sourced through plants and then mix these findings with beeswax, saliva, and enzymes to create propolis.

How do bees use propolis?

Propolis is a protective substance for the bees. They use this sticky resin-like product to line the hive walls, to ensure it's cozy and leak-proof. Packed with phytochemicals, it acts as a defense mechanism for the beehive. You can think of it as the hive's immune system, creating a shield for the hive and ensuring nothing harmful finds its way inside.
These ingenious little creatures use propolis in the most creative of ways: as a tool for protecting, healing, and guarding their hive!
…are you starting to see why this glowing golden fluid is highly sought-after in the skincare world?!

3 reasons Bee Propolis an effective ingredient for skincare: 

Nature is amazing at revealing to humans the benefits behind using naturally sourced materials, and propolis is no exception! Once you understand the rich reasons bees use propolis, you'll understand why it is so coveted for its various applications for humans and why it is known to be a naturally healing ingredient.
Now, let’s dive into 3 specific benefits of having propolis in your skincare formulas:

Sealing properties 

Just as bees use this golden-hued liquid to seal the gaps and cracks within their hive, skincare products containing this magical ingredient create a protective barrier on the skin. The propolis acts as a shield, keeping out environmental pollutants, and irritants, and helping to lock moisture in!

Antimicrobial properties 

We know that bees use propolis to defend their hive against pathogens, and the same goes for why this ingredient is amazing in skincare products. It provides a similar benefit by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on our skin.
This makes propolis a very powerful ingredient for anyone suffering from acne!

Healing properties 

When there is an intruder to the hive, whether it be a small animal or insect; the bees use the propolis to seal up the hive intruder, this helps to preserve the health of the hive.
Once again, we can relate this to the skin, when propolis is topically applied to the skin, we see healing benefits from the anti-inflammatory components of this sticky elixir which promotes faster healing of the skin; ranging from cuts to irritation to blemishes. 
How can I start incorporating this buzz-worthy propolis magic into my skincare?
There are several products here at HGO that are infused with this liquid gold that is brimming with heaps of vitamins and minerals for your skin.
Our favorite way to recommend infusing your skincare routine with propolis is to experience it via our Day & Night Bundle.
This bundle is complete with our best-selling Face & Eye Crème, our deeply nourishing Night Crème and for a total propolis experience, our Lip Balm Stick is included to make sure your entire face is reaping the benefits of this transcendent ingredient!
Bestow your entire face with a radiant glow while encouraging collagen production, defending against harmful bacteria, and sealing in moisture all day and night!
May this inspire you to incorporate more botanical wonders, such as bee propolis, into your skincare routine.
These natural hive ingredients, delicately crafted by our beloved bee friends, can gift your skin a remarkable transformation!
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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