Did You Know...?

The name “Honey Girl” was inspired by the local island lifestyle, often used throughout Hawai’i as a term of endearment. It also evokes the feeling of caring for and pampering oneself. And, of course, honey & beehive products are our main ingredients.

After moving to Hawai’i, the founders Anthony Maxfield, Gwen Maxfield, and Christina Sirlin discovered their new neighborhood had been laden with bees. Instead of trying to exterminate or give them a new home, Anthony decided to keep them, and found his calling as a beekeeper.

Learn more about how HGO was born in this video from the founders:

In 1998, the founders had an amazing discovery: Gwen and Christina were looking for their perfect healthy, chemical-free moisturizers, so Anthony began experimenting with emulsifying beeswax, honey and olive oil into a cream. After breaking a few kitchen blenders to Gwen's chagrin, he came up with the first rendition of the Cuticle & Nail Crème. They realized that honey and beeswax had astonishing rejuvenating properties, and blended with their favorite highly nourishing oil, make marvelous moisturizers! Their hands got softer and their faces smoother with each application.

The second Honey Girl Organics product was the Body Crème

For years, Anthony, Gwen and Christina would make creams for themselves and friends. Their healthy lifestyle and dedication to the all-natural Green Beauty Movement helped shape and nurture Honey Girl Organics that was then brought to market in 2006.

Today, Honey Girl Organics can be found in over 400 stores across the country, like Whole Foods Market, Lassen's, Erewhon, Down to Earth and Mother's Market - and on our website