Winter is Here

Winter is Here

Written by Tiffany Shelton

The nights are long and the weather is frightful, which means winter is here! Winter Solstice starts officially on December 21, but many places are already shrouded in dark clouds, cool weather, and snow. Lubbock, Texas already saw ten inches of snow on December 10. The chilly air encourages closeness, maybe by a fire. But once you go outside, cold, dry air swiftly weakens skin, making it prone to damage. 

With the holidays already upon us, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the festivities and forget to take care of our skin. Here are ten easy tips to maintaining healthy skin this winter.

Don't ditch the SPF

Even though the nights are long and the weather is frightful, don’t forget to put on sunscreen during the day. If you are in an area with snow, or may be skiing or snowboarding, it is especially important to use sunblock. Cloud cover may make it appear that the sun is out less, but snow-covered areas bounce off UV rays more readily than sand, making your skin prone to UV damage.

Wear comfortable clothes

It’s the season of ugly sweaters and holiday parties. We all want to look our best, and sometimes we sacrifice comfort for style. Wearing wooly sweaters too often can irritate skin and cause itchiness and flakiness. Remember to cover up those hands and feet too. The skin on your hands can chap and flake too, which can be painful.

Switch up your products

Winter weather has a tendency to suck moisture out of everything. The water-based moisturizer you’ve been using may not be enough to keep your skin hydrated. Try an oil-based moisturizer. Honey Girl uses organic olive oil in their moisturizers, widely known in the skin care community as “the fountain of youth” ingredient. This natural ingredient works with the body’s chemistry to effectively retain moisture even in harsh weather.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

It’s cold, no one wants to drink cold water. There have been several times where I accidentally dehydrated myself because I was too cold. Chilly weather tricks us into thinking that we aren’t thirsty, which can be detrimental to healthy skin. Keep a bottle of room temperature water around, and don’t forget to hydrate!

Lip balm for luscious lips

One winter, my boyfriend and I got to go on a trip to Italy. We rode on a small cruise ship towards Sorrento, and we sat on the deck with many other passengers. It was colder than I was used to, but I didn’t mind. Until my lips started aching. I realized I had forgotten to put on my lip balm, but it was too late. My lips chapped and started peeling so quickly, and lasted that way for the rest of our seven-day trip. It was painful and ugly. It didn’t inspire too much romance from my partner either. Needless to say I’ll never forget the lip balm again.

Monitor those temperatures in the house

It may feel good to crank up the heater or take a steamy shower, but your skin suffers in the process. Many modern heaters suck out moisture in the air, leaving little humidity. Humidity may not always feel great, but it helps keep moisture in the skin because there is moisture in the air.

It has become commonplace knowledge that hot showers can harm skin, but when it’s so cold around, it can be extremely tempting. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, hot showers can cause redness, itchiness, and strip the skin of natural oils. If your skin is sensitive, hot showers can exasperate problems like eczema.

Use a rejuvenating mask with natural ingredient

If your face is feeling a little dry, a rejuvenating mask could revitalize it. But in the cold season, our skin gets a little extra sensitive. Use a mask with natural ingredients that work with your skin’s chemistry, rather than one filled with preservatives, parabens, and harming agents. Honey Girl’s Rejuvenating Mask contains organic honey, an ingredient that not only maintains moisture but also soothes skin redness and irritation.

Treat your hair

With all this talk about skin, it’s easy to forget to take care of your hair. The scalp can dry out more easily in cold weather. I have dry scalp which worsens during the winter, and over-the-counter products like head-and-shoulders seem to aggravate the problem. Honey Girl Organics' Serum Hair Treat not only keeps my scalp moisturized, it also leaves it with a bit of shine.

Moisturize before bed

The key to a beautiful winter morning is moisturizing before bed. This can help you retain your natural moisture and help repair any damage to the skin throughout the day. Honey Girl’s Night Creme contains geranium essential oil, which help heal skin irritations quickly, and promotes new cell growth.

Dry Off!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but  be sure to keep dry to prevent freezing after a shower, especially if you’re leaving the house. If you venture outside with damp hair, it becomes vulnerable to environmental damage such as freezing, which leads to stiffness and breakage.

Enjoy Winter With Healthy Strong Skin!


By Tiffany Shelton

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