Is Your Skin Ready For Spring?

Spring is in the air! With the warmer weather we can let go of some layer of clothing and also ease up on our skin care routine. Get your skin spring ready with these Honey Girl Organics 'must-haves'! 

Get Spring Fresh With Double Cleansing & Scrub

Reveal a healthy glow by double cleansing. We love using our Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover with a damp washcloth to thoroughly get rid off all makeup, dirt and excess oil, then finish up with a light lather of the Foaming Facial Wash. You can read more about double cleansing in this blog

Use a facial scrub 1-3 times a week. This will whisk away dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, help balance skin tone and leave your skin super smooth. The Honey Girl Organic Facial Scrub uses finely granulated sugar and diatomaceous earth as gentle exfoliants, while coconut oil, aloe vera and honey leaves skin hydrated and glowing! 

Go Lighter With Your Moisturizer

What's not to love about our award-winning Face & Body Lotion! Not only is this the perfect lotion for your face during the warmer spring and summer months, it also is an amazing multitasker that can be used by the whole family. It comes in 3 different versions:

Regular version for normal skin types - has organic palmarosa and German chamomile essential oils

Extra sensitive version - without any essential oils for those extra sensitive skin types

ManKine - made specifically for men, with refreshing organic cypress and bergamot essential oils. 

Bring Your Moisture To Go

Spring days can mean cold mornings and sunny afternoons. The weather can change quickly and you might need some extra moisture or protection throughout the day. Honey Girl Organics on-the-go sticks are convenient and portable. H2Go is a moisturizing balm stick for all skin types. Protect is multi-purpose - it can be used at your discretion to protect agains all the elements. Wind wether, sun, water, pollution - what ever condition you face, this stick will help protect you. Prime is a must-have for makeup users! It gives that perfect moisturized canvas before you apply your foundation/makeup. We also love to apply it throughout the day for touch ups.  

We hope you enjoy the warmer days of spring! 

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