Lip Care

Lip Care

Tips For Luscious Lips 

We’ve all been there - chapped, cracked, or just plain lackluster lips. They are by no means comfortable or sexy. No amount of cosmetics can help that pout if it isn’t properly cared for.

Since the skin is so much thinner on our lips than the rest of our body, it can be difficult to maintain moisture and beauty. Lipsticks and lipglosses can cover problem areas, but a lip balm is essential in caring for lips’ health.

However, be sure to avoid a chemically-laden balm, as it can further dryness and dullness in lips. Below we tackle some of the most trying issues with our lips, and ways we can stave them off:


Probably one of the most common issues we all have with our lips at one point or another is chapping. Winter weather, low humidity, and dehydration are all triggers for chapped lips. It tends to creep up on us slowly, until we try on a lipstick in the mirror or a dear friend (or spouse) points out that we need some chapstick. Chapping often leads to dried and cracked lips that can be less than inviting.

Try combating chapped lips by drinking more water. Your body’s natural response to dehydration is to take moisture away from parts that don't need it, which include your lips. Certain weather has also been known to have adverse effects on our lips. In low humidity, try a humidifier that can be picked up at most large retail stores for a fair price. Humidifiers can help alleviate the whole body of dried skin!

And be sure to apply a nourishing lip balm as needed throughout the day.

Honey Girl Organics all-natural, organic lip balms battle persistent lip issues, such as chapping. They are great for protection against troublesome weather. These balms contains organic extra virgin olive oil, which acts as a great moisturizing agent to prevent chapping. The organic beeswax adds a protective layer over your lips, much like the queen-bee does for her hive. This stops dryness and cracking in its tracks. Be sure to apply it before going outdoors and routinely for best results.

If you're more concerned about sun damage, try Honey Girl’s Protect Stick, which uses non-nano zinc oxide to filter out damaging UV rays, with all the benefits of the original lip balm!



If your lips have passed the chapped stage, they are likely cracked. Cracked lips are just a pain, literally. If we bite or pick at a cracked lip it can easily start to bleed and lead to other problems such as swelling or cold sores. At this point, we want the cracking gone as soon as possible. This is when a lip balm is surely needed.

Getting just any commercial lip cosmetic can actually increase dryness in lips once they're cracked, prolonging the healing process. The ingredients in Honey Girl’s lip balms are all natural and organic, containing zero preservatives, artificial flavorings, and chemicals that are shown to further dry out skin. Honey Girl Organics includes organic stevia extract in their lip balm to help with cracked lips. Stevia is a common natural antibacterial and antimicrobial. This prevents infections and protects cracked lips from canker sores.


Finally, after the cracking and chapping passes, it's time to focus on our lips’ natural appearance. We all use our lips frequently and expose them to the elements daily. We speak, we kiss, we eat, and we put cosmetics all over them.

Over time, they can start to dull and lose their innate pink tint. Below are some strategies to help restore your lips' natural glow:

Wash & Exfoliate Your Lips

It is possible to bring that natural color back without chemicals. A great start is to be sure to wash off all makeup before bed with a chemical-free makeup remover.

The Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover has no chemicals and its base is organic olive oil. Organic olive oil does not leave your skin feeling dry and stripped of all its natural oils like other chemically-based removers do. Rather, it provides nourishment to the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed.

Once a week, use a gentle exfoliator to scrub off dead skin-cells off your lips. The Facial Scrub contains fine cane sugar that carefully exfoliate, leaving your lips soft and ready to fully absorb your nourishing lip balm. 

A Sweet Solution - Honey & Lemon Mixture

A honey and lemon-juice solution applied to the lips can work wonders. Simply mix about a teaspoon of honey and a half a teaspoon of lemon juice together and place the mixture on your lips for about ten minutes. Remove with warm water and follow up with Honey Girl Organics’ lip balm for best results. Honey is a natural moisturizer to the lips while lemon juice is a natural lightener. Not only is this solution great for lips, but also leaves a great taste if accidentally licked off!

Toothbrush Technique 

The “toothbrush technique” is a great way to utilize the most out of your lip balm and get back that natural pink tint. Using the organic lip balm, apply a thick layer at night before bed and leave on. In the morning, use a warm wet washcloth or soft bristle toothbrush to gently remove the balm from your lips. Be sure to use a different toothbrush than the one you brush your teeth with, or clean it thoroughly first! Lightly brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush is a great way to rub off the dead skin layer. The organic ingredients in Honey Girl’s lip balm should help remove dead skin cells without cracking your lips. Dead skin cells on lips often covers the lips’ natural color. Regular exfoliating with this technique helps to restore moisture and color. Try this technique once a week for about a month for best results.

    There’s so much more that can be done for lip care! Check out our Facebook or Instagram, tag us and let us know how you use your Honey Girl lip balm. We are always looking for tips and feedback in our efforts to provide the absolutely purest skin care you'll ever find!

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