HGO Goes To Europe

By Anthony, Gwen & Christina

Barcelona, Sidewalk Cafe.

We had brunch with the bees. Apparently Spanish bees like waffles and syrup too. H2GO kept us feeling soft and smooth in the hot Spanish sun.

Toulon Harbor, Toulon France

La Rambla, Barcelona.

A major walk with shopping/eating destinations, and -- HGO Body Crème was perfect for the long hours of partying and shopping.

The Spanish Steps, Rome.

As you embark on your private golf car tour of the Eternal City, visit the Steps (favorite movie location "Roman Holiday") and use a little H2GO to quench your thirsty sun baked skin.

Ponte Vecchio, "Firenze" Florence Italy.

This is it if you are shopping for jewelry. Use H2GO to get those rings on and off more easily. Once off the bridge, walk around in the city that is a living museum.

The Ufizi Palace, Florence Italy.

Enough art to sink a battleship. Do you think the Medici used Olive Oil, Honey and Beeswax for their ladies' perfect complexions?

 Grand Canal, Venice Italy.

7a.m. start every day with a gondola ride and H2GO

Old town, Naples Italy.

After confessional what could be better than a 'moto' ride thru twisted streets and some H2GO?

Moto Driver Luigi. Naples Italy. I bet he has some.

The Colosseum, Rome.

Dear Mom, we finally made it, "the top of the world ma" love, Sunny.

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