A Skin Care Secret Too Good Not to Share

A Skin Care Secret Too Good Not to Share

“I'm pretty sure that eating chocolate keeps wrinkles away because I have never seen a 10 year old with a Hershey bar and crows feet.”

Amy Neftzger

Eye care. It’s a delicate topic. As delicate as the skin that surrounds those sparkling saucers of yours. For most of us, the first sign of wrinkles shows up on the sensitive skin near the eyes. Some embrace them, fondly refer to wrinkles as “smile lines.” Others despise and curse their “crows feet” with fiery damnation. Most however accept them as fate and try to slow their continued arrival. Wherever you are on the continuum, it’ll benefit you to treat the delicate skin around your eyes with care. Doing so will keep your skin healthy, strong, and looking its best.  

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret that will help you do just that. Armed with this information, you'll be able to tweak your skin care routine without much effort. However, the little changes you make will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the skin around your eyes. (Apologies, but it’s not about eating chocolate).

We all have sensitive skin.  Wait-- what?!

Regardless of the type of skin you have- oily, acne-prone, dry or combination, everyone has sensitive skin around the eye area. In fact, the skin around your eyes is the most fragile on your body. Reason being, it has far less oil glands and collagen in comparison to the rest of your skin, so it’s more prone to fine lines and dehydration.

Without moisture from the sebaceous glands, and the protection and elasticity provided by collagen, the skin’s ability to retain its shape lessons over time. It’s only natural that it would show the wear of being under constant use. Studies show that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That’s up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times in a day. That’s just blinking! Smiling, frowning, laughing-- every facial expression we make is a workout for our eyes and the skin that surrounds them.

And yet, expression is a beautiful thing, smile as much you can, laugh with gusto! If you’re concerned about the wrinkles caused by emoting, there’s a lot you can do to lessen their arrival. It’s all about a consistent and healthy skin care routine, using quality sunscreen, eating right and hydrating. Choosing the right products for your skin type is key. But the mistake most people make when it comes to cleansing is they treat the skin around the eyes with the same products they use to cleanse the face. No matter what your skin type is, you need to use a gentle cleanser on and around the sensitive area of your eyes.  

In fact, it’s best to avoid using anything but oil-based cleansers on and around eyes. ...But you love your cleanser and it’s working great on your skin, right? Excellent, keep using it, just avoid it near your eyes. Sounds tricky? Not really. It’s just a matter of being mindful while cleansing. And, of course, having a good oil-based cleanser on hand for cleansing eye area. Honey Girl Organics’ botanically based USDA Organic Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover is a great choice. This cleansing/makeup removing cream can easily remove, makeup, dirt, excess oils --even stubborn fake eyelash glue, while stimulating skin with a complex of vitamins & minerals. It cleanses and moisturizes, leaving your skin silky smooth, clean and refreshed.

You may be surprised to know, just in the time that you’ve been reading this blog post, your eyes needed to make roughly four movements every second – that’s approximately 1,250 eye movements in just 5 minutes! Don’t you think your eyes and the skin around them deserve a little extra care? Here’s the thing, when it comes to cleansing around the eyes, less is more. Cleaners can be abrasive. They can dry out the skin, causing inflammation and other skin problems. The skin on your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead may need cleansing morning, noon and night, but not your eyes. Of course It’s important to gently cleanse and remove all makeup before sleeping each night, but the skin around the eyes has smaller pores and doesn’t collect dirt and debris the way the rest of the facial skin does during the day. As a result, you don’t need to cleanse eye area several times a day. It will only dehydrate skin making it prone to lines and wrinkles.

Whereas you may want to consider 2 different cleansers for your skin care routine to properly cleanse and treat face and eyes, when it comes to a moisturizer, you can save by choosing one that works for both! The Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Crème is just the one. This unique blend of organic botanicals, rich beehive ingredients, and potent essential oils is ultra-hydrating and healing. Ideal for nourishing the delicate facial tissue around eye area too, making this-all-in-one product the perfect choice for bringing out your skin's natural beauty!

We hope this blog post caught your eye, and you share our little secret with your friends and family! As delicate as the topic of wrinkles and eye care is, if we match our sensitivity with sensibility, we’re all gonna be just fine. Because when in comes right down to it, the smile is the most beautiful part of the face, with or without smile lines.  

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