5 ways to make the most of your skin care products

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to skin care products.  Making an informed decision on what products are appropriate for your skin type, budget, values and lifestyle is no small order. When you find that brand you love— consider yourself lucky!  …But luck won’t take care of your products! Protect your investment of time and money and make the most of your skin care products.  They will go farther and last longer if you keep these tips in mind! 

1. Read The Directions

Okay, this seems so obvious. But, really-- most people don’t! It’s a shame because although many products have a typical protocol, others don’t.  And those “others” can cost you a pretty penny, both financially and even worse—they can harm your skin rather than help it. The obvious example is sunscreen.  Many people purchase it because a label displaying a certain SPF # claims to protect skin from the sun.  That number means nothing however if not applied according to specific and precise directions.  Another example is oil-based cleansers.  Most people apply them to a wet face, as they do non-oil cleansers. This deters the cleansing oil’s ability to absorb dirt and toxins.  It’s best to apply directly to a skin, massage to allow oils to mix and lift from pores before removing debris with warm wet washcloth.  …But don’t take our advice!! You’re better off—reading the directions. 

 2. Use Sparingly

You can double your money by making your products last. If you choose products made from natural whole ingredients, not compromised by artificial fillers, that pure natural goodness is going to actively integrate into your skin.  No need to slather it on.  Be mindful of how much you apply, start with a small amount and then add more if need be. Make a mental note of how much you used to determine just the right amount to apply next time.

3. Use Time To Your Advantage

Your skin products are time-sensitive.  How long they are on your skin matters! Again, read the labels to gauge appropriately.  And—when it comes to deep moisturizing, use the nighttime hours to repair and heal.  This is when your skin is clean, free from makeup and able to soak in nourishment.  Remember to allow skin to absorb your products before hitting the pillow though-- or risk wiping them right off your face and onto your pillow case!

4. Make It A Habit

Using a mask or a scrub every-so-often is nice, it can feel like a special treat, but it’s not going to do much for the overall look and feel of your skin.  “Care” is a verb.  When it comes to “skin care” it’s best to think of it as an active process in your life, a daily habit, a ritual if you will.  Research shows that habits have a trigger, something as easy as seeing your products nicely displayed on your vanity or medicine cabinet can trigger the habit.  The point is to set yourself up for success by finding out what’s the best way to trigger your ideal skin care habit. 

5. Store Appropriately 

“Whole fresh organic produce is hands down better than the best canned fruit or vegetables you’ll ever have, right? You can’t just put your fresh strawberries or leafy greens in the cupboard and expect them to look and taste good in a couple days.” Anthony Maxfield of Honey Girl Organics reminds us that when you choose high quality skin care products-- also made with organic whole foods-- you have to take proper care to ensure their potency and efficacy.  Keep them out of high heat (don’t leave them in your car!) and, mind the expiration dates.  Fortunately, organic skin care isn’t compromised with artificial preservatives and chemicals that can harm your health.  And you don’t need them anyways!  Nature has the very best preservatives; some of notable mention are honey, olive oil and certain essential oils including lemon, rosemary and cinnamon.

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