Our Staff Reveals Their Favorite HGO Products!

Our Staff Reveals Their Favorite HGO Products!

Aloha everyone, my name is Tiffany!

You may recognize me from a couple of our Instagram posts, since I’m one of the social media specialists for Honey Girl Organics. My journey here began just a few short months ago, but since I’ve started, I have felt so welcomed by the Honey Girl ‘ohana. You can always catch me behind the scenes creating Honey Girl magic, but one of my favorite parts about my job is working with a team of busy bees and having the opportunity to try the products! 

Keep scrolling to meet my amazing coworkers and learn more about their favorite HGO products!


Lexi - Social Media Specialist 

This is Lexi, my wonderful partner on the social media team. The two of us make a great team and even better friends! Lexi’s favorite product is the Face & Eye Cream.I have super dry skin and a lot of moisturizers either just sit on the surface of my skin and don’t moisturize at all, or on the other hand, they are too heavy and clog my pores, which causes me to break out. The Face & Eye Cream is the perfect moisturizer for me and I also love the smell.” The Face & Eye Cream is one of our best sellers for many reasons. You can always count on this Honey Girl favorite to keep you hydrated all day.


Jerilyn - Office Manager

Next up, we have Jerilyn. Jerilyn has been with Honey Girl for 5 years! She is the office manager and pretty much the go-to person for everything related to your order. “My favorite Honey Girl product has to be the Facial Scrub! I love how it gently exfoliates my face and removes all of the dead cells to reveal a beautiful, softer and more radiant complexion. It also allows my skin to better absorb the ingredients in the Face & Eye Crème and Night Crème!”


Maryam - Customer Service 

Here we have Maryam, she works for our Customer Service team and always has you leaving your conversation with a smile. Her favorite product is the H2Go Stick “I use it all over my face and as a lip balm. It’s perfect anytime my skin is feeling dry or when traveling - it would be amazing on a long flight or in any dry climate. It really makes your skin feel good and look good too!” The H2Go Stick is super functional and useful, especially when you need to hydrate your skin on-the-go.

Tiffany (Me!) - Social Media Specialist 

Now I know you all are probably wondering what my favorite Honey Girl product is, right? Well although I have many, my go-to would definitely have to be the HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum. I typically apply this when I feel like channeling my inner goddess. There’s something about the formula that really helps me get that nice glowing look without feeling super greasy. I have very dry skin, so it’s nice to use as a base before adding on the Face & Eye Cream or Matte. Since I enjoy wearing makeup, it’s important for me to find skincare products that work well with the rest of my cosmetics and this provides enough moisture for me to prevent my makeup from separating throughout the day. Definitely my holy grail!

If you’re itching to find out what your favorite Honey Girl product is, but don’t know where to get started, I definitely recommend trying out our sample sets. It’s a great way to get familiar with many of our top selling products. We hope you find our suggestions helpful when it comes to finding your HGO faves! And remember - you can always count on our customer service team for advice on what products to choose!

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