From Farm To {Green Beauty} Table

Honey is one of nature’s super-foods, and honeycomb - the exquisitely formed wax vessel bees create to store honey, is potent with healing enzymes and vitamins. Propolis, a lesser known product of the bee hive (often used in medicinal tinctures) is packed with antioxidant and antiviral flavonoids and phenolic acids. 

It just so happens that these rich nutrients are the building blocks for healthy collagen and essential for healthy skin tissue. So, look for honey on the menu at your favorite farm-to-table restaurant. You can take extra pleasure when you feast on that drizzled honey over farm-fresh fruit and roasted veggies. And, likewise, look for honey, beeswax and propolis on the labels of your favorite skin care products.  Adorn your “vanity” table with Honey Girl Organics products, created from the rich vital nectars of organically grown flowers. This nectar is transformed into nutrient dense honey, beeswax and propolis made by our Hawaiian honeybees. When you feed your skin with HGO products, you’re giving yourself the purest skin care products available.  

It's all about fresh, green and clean ingredients

The best chefs know that a recipe is only as good as it’s ingredients. Fresh, local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients are key. It’s no different with the ingredients in skin care products. Keep in mind that 60% of topical creams and cosmetics get absorbed directly into the blood stream, so don’t risk using products with synthetics and artificial preservatives.

If you don’t recognize the ingredients on a product label, be wary.  Chemicals are not a friend to your skin!  A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t eat or drink it, don’t apply it to your skin.  Going back to the basics, in other words, “whole foods” such as olive oil, honey, beeswax and botanicals are what sets Honey Girl Organics’ products apart from other skin care lines. We only use simple, natural ingredients that nourish the long-term health of your skin. Our products are certified organic and sustainably sourced to ensure their holistic quality and maintain our high standards. 

Getting the recipe right

We mindfully harvest and blend our raw organic honey, beeswax and propolis into HGO's pure product formulations under low heat using minimal processing methods. This keeps the integrity of hive products intact, insuring you receive the best quality creams.  It’s not as easy as it sounds!  Many a beekeeper has experimented with making lip balms and creams. Getting all the elements right without comprising the farm fresh ingredients of hive products is a challenge that owner, beekeeper and formula-maker Anthony Maxfield has mastered.  He says “We spend a lot of time in research and development. It’s thrilling when a formula comes together. Often it doesn’t and that's okay too. Nature holds the keys. When we work with the healing properties of whole, natural ingredients, we’re rewarded.  And so are our customers.” Anthony adds, “We make our products in small batches in our own creamery to ensure their quality and effectiveness. Because our ingredients are natural and harvested seasonally, the ingredients may differ slightly depending on conditions of weather, rainfall, etc. That’s a good thing though, nature knows best!” 

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Give your skin a taste of farm-fresh organic goodness; choose Honey Girl Organics and bask in your own radiant glow.  

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