Which Face & Eye Cream Is Best For My Skin Type?

Which Face & Eye Cream Is Best For My Skin Type?

With the addition of our new Rose Crème Face & Eye, we now offer three different Face & Eye creams in our lineup. Which one should you choose and what is best suited for your skin type? 

We'll give you the breakdown so that you get the best cream for your skin's specific needs.

Face & Eye Crème - HGO’s signature product!

Face & Eye Crème is our best-seller for so many reasons. This multi-tasking cream was created to address the skin's need for extra hydration, moisture, and barrier protection. The original Face & Eye Crème is the most moisturizing formula with a higher oil content than our other creams. The unique blend of organic botanical oils makes this cream ultra-nourishing, and with the addition of beeswax, it has perfect barrier protection that keeps the hydration and moisture locked in your skin longer. 
The carefully selected essential oils in the Face & Eye Crème contribute to its efficiency. We've included organic rose oil, patchouli, lime, and cinnamon leaf essential oils. These all target dryness and signs of aging by promoting regeneration of new skin cells, increasing circulation, soothe inflammation, and invigorate & tone the tissue of the skin.

Face & Eye Crème is best suited for normal to dry and mature skin types in need of extra nourishment. It's also great to use when you start seeing the first signs of aging for preventative measures. 

Face & Eye Crème Extra Sensitive - No compromise when it comes to sensitive skin!

Early on, we realized the need for skincare products targeted towards sensitive skin types. Face & Eye Crème Extra Sensitive was formulated for our clients needing a super nourishing cream, but having sensitivities or allergies towards essential oils.

This cream has a similar consistency as the original Face & Eye Crème. It is very hydrating and moisturizing and contains only ingredients that are proven to benefit even the most sensitive skin. It will leave a breathable protective barrier, locking in the hydration and moisture throughout the day (or night). 

Our growing Extra Sensitive line of products contains absolutely no essential oils so it is suitable for the most sensitive of us and for those with allergies to scents/smells.

With over a hundred 5-star reviews, this product speaks for itself.  

Face & Eye Crème Extra Sensitive is for sensitive skin and those with allergies towards scents, as well as normal, dry, mature, and when you start to see the first signs of aging. 

Rose Crème Face & Eye - The ultimate sophistication!

Rose Crème Face & Eye was created to complement the Rose Toner and Rose C Serum. This newest addition to the HGO family is for those who are in need of more!

This advanced formula layers perfectly with the oil-based Rose C Serum. Compared to the other Face & Eye creams, it has a lighter feel, as the oil content is different and it also contains more hydrating (water-based) ingredients. Rose Crème Face & Eye has a cloud-like feel that sinks right into the skin. It adds hydration and nourishment and helps with wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Rose Crème Face & Eye is excellent for combination, normal, dry, sun-damaged, uneven skin tones, and mature skin types. 

You can learn more about our Rose Crème Face & Eye and its ingredients in this blog

All our Face & Eye cream formulas are ideal for nourishing the delicate facial tissue around the eye area. They are also highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Use sparingly - start out with a small amount and adjust as needed.

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