Understanding the 4 Levels of Organic Certification

Understanding the 4 Levels of Organic Certification

Understanding the 4 Levels of Organic Certification

With conscious consumerism on the rise, it’s important to understand the nuances of organic certification. At Honey Girl Organics we care very much about transparency and are here to help you learn about the four levels of organic certification that you may find on product labels.
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100% Organic Certified

Products labeled as "100% Organic Certified" signify that all ingredients and processing aids are certified organic.
There is an absolute guarantee of no cross-contamination with non-organic elements during cultivation or processing.
To achieve this level, facilities must adopt exclusive "organic only" production lines or plants, ensuring stringent practices to maintain the purity of the product.
USDA Organic | USDA

Organic Certified

"Organic Certified" products require all agricultural ingredients to be certified organic, allowing up to 5% non-organic content.
95% or more of the ingredients are organically grown, with the remaining 5% accommodating minor ingredients that lack an organic alternative.
Honey Girl Organics has this USDA level of certification. 
Open our organic certificate here.     
This option is often chosen when creating a separate "organic only" production line isn't feasible, considering the minimal non-organic content available.
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Made With Organic Ingredients

Products labeled as "Made with Organic Ingredients" contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients, with the remaining 30% meeting specific criteria.
While the USDA organic seal is not used, these products prominently state, "Made with Organic Ingredients" and list organic inputs on the packaging.
This level offers flexibility, allowing for some non-organic ingredients that adhere to certain production standards disapproved by the USDA.
Specific Organic Ingredients
 Products falling under this category contain less than 70% certified organic ingredients but may list them as "specific organic ingredients" on the packaging.
with clear identification on the packaging and detailed information on the ingredient panel.
While not eligible for the USDA organic seal, these products provide transparency about which ingredients are organic and which are not.

For more information check out the USDA – Labeling Organic Products website and scroll down to  "What do the four different organic labels mean?"      (PDP means Primary Display Panel)     

Honey Girl Organics embraces the highest standards, ensuring our organic skincare aligns with your commitment to natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle.

We are Certified organic by Where Food Comes From Organic US-ORG-001   

Understanding the 4 levels of organic certification will help you make informed choices.

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