Tips For Your Holiday Travels

Tips For Your Holiday Travels

With the holiday season right around the corner, many will be packing their bags to head on a trip soon.

No matter the destination there is one thing that is going to be at the top of everyone’s list: their self-care routines while away from home. Anyone that has ever left their normal climate can attest to their skin going haywire after a long flight or car ride. It’s the worst!

Don’t sweat it though - HGO has you covered with our Travel Sets. Inside the bags you will find carefully curated sets to keep your skin hydrated and glowing through all the holiday events that are headed your way.

We have four different Travel Sets to choose from: Day & Night, Face & Body, Facial Care, and Facial Care Extra Sensitive. Each set is packed with TSA approved sizes (getting through airport security will be a breeze). We love that they come in a canvas pouch as well, so your must-haves are easily accessible once it’s time to clean up post-travel.

Along with our Travel Sets the HGO Holiday Store is open with lots of MINI versions of your HGO favorites (there are only available for a limited time). This way you can get the best deals on your main products while adding any extras for enhanced care while on the road!

The Travel Sets are great for yourself and everyone on your shopping list! They make the perfect gift for anyone that already loves HGO or someone that is looking for something new. Our clean products are all highly concentrated so these travel sizes will last long enough for their skin to get the full test.

Not sure which one would be best for your loved one? No problem – HGO e-gift cards are available to purchase from $25-$150 on our website under the “Shop” tab.

Written by Candice Meyers

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