3 Reasons To Treat Your Feet

{With Honey Girl Organics’ Foot Balm}

Proper footcare is vital to an overall healthy lifestyle. Most times, we don’t bother with the same amount of care to our feet as we do our hair, face, and body.

Need a reason to treat your feet? We’ll give you three.


Whether it be from regular use or unfortunate injury, we all experience pain in our feet from time to time. This can make daily routines a struggle. Everything becomes a drag to do, because all we want is to get off our feet.  

Treat Your Feet Tip: Massage and particular essential oils can combat pain spread throughout our feet. Honey Girl Organics infuses peppermint oil into their foot balm crème as peppermint oil is a proven natural pain reliever. Combined with effective massage, the crème aids blood circulation from your heels to your toes, relaxing the muscles and providing relief.


Often neglected are the soles of the feet. Our feet work everyday, so naturally the skin in this area becomes worn. We may develop minor blemishes to corns and calluses (the “rough” parts of our feet). Not only are these unattractive, corns and calluses can get painful if left untreated.

Treat Your Feet Tip: Our feet should be treated like the main attraction. Clove bud oil is present in Honey Girl Organics’ Foot Balm because of its therapeutic properties. It is known to be effective in healing damaged skin, as well as moisturizing. This organic essential oil combats that unpleasant skin on our feet.


After a long day at work, all most of us want to do is go home, take off our shoes, and relax. As we sit on our couch and put our feet up, it hits us. Rancid odor that we have trapped for over eight hours of the day finally escapes and infects our noses. We haven’t realized that our feet have been sweating and reabsorbing the sweat throughout the day; not to mention dust and debris may have floated into our shoes from our environment.

Treat Your Feet Tip: A stinky odor is actually an early sign of fungi and/or bacteria present. It is imperative to thoroughly wash our feet clean each day so that none of these microorganisms has an opportunity to grow. Every batch of Honey Girl Organics’ Foot Balm contain lavender essential oil, a natural antifungal and antiseptic. This aids in eliminating microorganisms that create that lingering stench on our feet. After showering and drying, rub a small amount of Honey Girl Organics’ Foot Balm onto both feet for a pleasant and lasting aroma. 

Following a long week, your feet are ready for a break. A much needed foot rub with warm essential oils is called for! But, just as we concern ourselves with what goes into our stomachs, we should be cautious of what goes onto our bodies. The skin is a powerful organ; it absorbs much of the substances that we come in contact with! For this reason, Honey Girl Organics strives to put the most natural, organic ingredients into their crèmes. Give yourself (and your feet) a treat this week!    

Written by HGO's Creamery Girl Tiffany Shelton.


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