The Bees - Our #1 Pollinators

The Bees - Our #1 Pollinators

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Honey Girl Organics is donating 10% of all online sales to the Hawai'i Beekeepers' Association. 

When Anthony started Honey Girl Organics, he was already an avid beekeeper and part of the community of Hawai'i beekeepers. His work promoting holistic beekeeping (caring for the bees in the most natural ways), received recognition from fellow beekeepers, and he was voted in as President of the Hawai'i Beekeepers' Association (HBA) after President Michael Klicks, PhD retired.

For this Earth Day, Honey Girl Organics is donating 10% of its online sales to resume their educational outreach programs as schools reopen and help update equipment for local beekeepers. 

Anthony continues to educate aspiring new beekeepers.

Springtime means busy-bee time working on the hives and helping neighbors with bee swarms. 

Anthony continues his work with the bees and manages all his beehives in Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu. 

10% of your order will go directly to HBA. Help Honey Girl Organics support Hawai'i Beekeeper's Association this Earth Day! 

The Hawai`i Beekeepers' Association's (HBA) helps educate and sponsor novice and seasoned beekeepers to share the knowledge, joy, and importance of beekeeping. It promotes natural beekeeping methods and the importance of bees as the #1 pollinator of our food supply. 

For more information about the HBA visit their website.


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Thank you, HGO, for the wonderful way in which you give all of us the amazing products that you make so well and…your bees are amazing workers with Anthony’s gental hand at the helm! What wonderful and fascinating creatures they are!

Mava L Seaman

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