OOO (Out Of Office) & Your Skincare Routine

OOO (Out Of Office) & Your Skincare Routine

Ready, jet set, go! Are you headed OOO this winter? Whether you’re jetting off on on an exotic tropical escape, a wild mountain adventure, or a quick weekend getaway, we have all the tips, tricks and travel kits you need to maintain healthy skin along the way!

Traveling is FUN, but with all of that R & R can also come stress. From pre-trip planning to flight delays, this stress, paired with changes in the climate and your daily routine, can leave your skin looking and feeling less than its best. Follow these tips to keep your mind and skin in check no matter what comes your way!

Bee Calm

Meditate and hydrate – two words every Honey Girl should live by. Treat your mind and skin to some Zen time by practicing daily meditation to keep you grounded during stressful situations. For ultimate relaxation, use our Rejuvenating Mask that comes with our Facial Care Extra Sensitive Travel Set.

And don’t forget to hydrate! Nourish your body from the inside out by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Quench your thirsty skin from head to toe with our Face & Body Travel Set featuring our Face & Eye Creme, Body Creme and Lip Balm.

Routine Queen

Your time zone and climate may change, but that doesn’t mean your beauty regimen has to, too! Stay on track with our HGO Day & Night Facial Care Set. Loaded with all of the essentials, this travel pack will keep your skin happy from sunup to sundown.

Less Is More

Our number one packing tip – keep it light! But don’t compromise your skincare for the sake of space. Whether you’re taking four suitcases or just a backpack, our Facial Care Set features all of your HGO favorites in travel-friendly sizes, making it easy to stash away.

Wherever your summer journeys may take you, you’re sure to have all you need with our travel sets. Where are you headed this summer? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATED: 12/26/2023

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