Simplify Your Skin-Care & Win at Self-Care

It’s been a minute.

Actually it’s been about 6 months. Did you make some New Year’s resolutions?  Well, we’re half way through the year, it’s a good time to check-in and take inventory. Did you make a list or maybe just choose a single word to inspire you throughout the year? Back in January we heard a lot of you talking about “self-care.” So how’s it going? Here’s the thing, you can look at the year as half-over, or half left. It’s your choice. Best to look forward— because that’s where the opportunity is. In fact, the future starts today.  

Here are 5 ways to step-up your self-care. Commit to a skin care routine that is easy but effective by following these simple steps.

Keep a duplicate of your fav products in the shower

You’re in the shower everyday, so your skin care products should be there, waiting.  How many times do you wish you grabbed your cleanser from the medicine cabinet but don’t want to step out of the shower to grab it. Can’t blame you, it’s cold! And the wet floor mess- forget it! You can avoid the frustration, guilt and mess by simply keeping a duplicate product in your shower. Not only does this help you maintain your best skin care practices, it can save you $ too!

Tip: Check out the HGO Skin Care Gift Sets and save 10%. These are carefully curated product sets ideal for cleansing, pampering, treating extra-sensitive skin etc. If you don’t want to buy a set of products but still want the savings, consider buying a 3-pack and you’ll still get the 10% off. 

Solidify some key habits 

Like REMOVING your MAKEUP before you go to bed. Sorry, didn’t mean to scream it but just really want to emphasize how incredibly important this is. The toxins, grime and oils from the day have (on average) 7-8 hours to clog and infect your pores. That’s enough time to cause some serious break-outs. On the flip-side, if you take the time to cleanse your face properly and apply a night time moisturizer, your skin will reap the benefits of 7-8 hours of nutrition and hydration. An easy choice when you look at your options, right?  

Tip: Yes, getting black sticky eye make-up off at the end of a long day can be a total pain (literally)! Not so when you use the HGO Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover.  Not only will it make removing your makeup a total cinch, it’ll moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving your skin fresh, clean and soft.  

Take it to go 

We all have those marathon days. You know, when you leave the house in the early morning hours and don’t make it home until after dark. If you’re like us, you’ll want to freshen up sometime mid-day. Keep travel size products in your purse/car/gym bag so you have them when you need them. The public bathroom or shared company restroom’s florescent pink liquid soap is damaging enough for your hands, but no way are you going to use that on your face! And no need if you have mini products to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.  

Tip: Check out our travel size sets. There’s a variety of choices so you get exactly what you want.  If you don’t know what you want, try the sample sets. You’ll be able to try our best sellers while reaping the benefits of pocket-size products. If you want a one-stop compact moisturizer, try our H2Go, it’s everything you need to hydrate your skin in one convenient stick.  


Lauren Eiseley said “if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Couldn’t agree more. Drinking a tall glass of cool water is a total reset. Your body will be instantly refreshed, your skin will be hydrated, nervous  system calmed and not only that, it’s free, accessible and it doesn’t take much effort. True story, one of our Honey Girls who was finishing grad-school, was under tremendous pressure to finish her thesis. She sat at her computer all day and a good part of every night for weeks on end until she finished. Even with all the stress, her skin never looked better. She attributes it to drinking water all day everyday until she finished her thesis.   

Tip: Drop a slice of lemon in you water for value added benefits. Lemon is rich in an essential antioxidant, vitamin C, which helps ward off wrinkles and blemishes, and promotes skin elasticity.

Appreciate what’s going well 

-with your skin that is! We often don’t take the time to reflect on and appreciate what’s actually working. Are you noticing how soft your skin feels after you exfoliate? Have you observed a change in your skin tone? Perhaps you’re remembering to use that toner tucked in your purse. Are you resisting the urge to pick?! That’s huge, really! We’re all guilty of not appreciating something until it’s gone. We take for granted the simple things like moisturized lips— until they’re chapped and painful that is. Being aware of the changes to your skin, how the season and weather are affecting it is an important step in self-care. When you’re aware of what’s going right, it’s much easier to stay on track.

Tip: Sometimes it just feels good to share. Well, we absolutely love hearing from you.  Visit us on our IG and fb page and let us know all about it. The good, the bad, everything. We’re all in!

Make it easy on yourself to maintain good self-care. It sounds obvious, but it’ll be easy- if it’s easy!  Sure, going to the spa is a wonderful experience we should all treat ourselves to, except finding the time and money to make that a regular habit can be challenging. Of course we’ll feel great, but it’s the ongoing, daily self-care that will make the difference on how we look and feel about our skin. The next 6 months is plenty of time to make great strides at achieving your New Year’s resolutions, especially if you make it easy on yourself. Whether you chose self-care as one of your resolutions or not, rest-assured your skin and your psyche will be well-served if you incorporate these simple steps. Do you have a few tips to share with us? Let us know!  Aloha!  

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