Q&A With The Founders

Q&A With The Founders


What kind of stories do you love hearing from customers?

We love hearing customers tell us how well Honey Girl products work for their skin. A few examples that really stuck with us was people’s recoveries from surgery and the comfort they experienced from the swift healing of their skin and softening of scar tissue. Also, we hear many reviews from people with sensitive skin who say HGO is a blessing to them. They say that HGO compares favorably to much more expensive creams.


What has been the most satisfying moment in your business life?

There have been many. One of the most satisfying moments was achieving our first organic certification in 2011. Another was when Whole Foods Market brought Honey Girl Organics aboard in 2008.


How have you and Honey Girl evolved over the last 15 years?

We have achieved and continue to achieve our goal of being the best company we can be and live by a promise we made to ourselves to always take care of our customers by providing excellent products and customer care.



Starting your own business is hard - how did you decide this is what you wanted to do when you first started?

Anthony originally made the products for his wife who had sensitive skin. It worked very well, and we started giving away samples to friends, family and neighbors. After receiving a lot of positive feedback, starting a business looked to be the best way to get HGO into the hands of more people. We enjoyed creating a vehicle that would put us in touch with like-minded people and be a fulfilling project we could do together.


What keeps you motivated?

The opportunity to bring our products to people who will love them, and the creative process of running the Honey Girl business. We love bringing these great products to people who can really use them.



What are the essential skincare HGO products that every woman should be using in their daily regimen?

A good cleanser and moisturizer are the basics everyone (men and women) should have. That being said, our entire line addresses a variety of skincare issues based on skin type, environmental factors, age, habits, and preferences. All of our products are free from chemicals and nonessentials ingredients. 


What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Hydration (drink lots of water!), cleansing and moisturizing are the foundation of a good skincare routine. Exercising, good diet, a correct amount of sunlight and positive attitudes also go a long way to improving your skin.



Do you wear makeup?

We like to wear eyeliner, a little mascara and some lip color, so that we can allow our skin to breathe, which is important to skin health. The brands we use are made with the most natural ingredients possible.   


Will HGO ever create a cosmetic line?

We have considered making our own cosmetic line, but do not see that in the near future. It involves a completely different process.


What is a life motto or inspirational quote you like or live by?

There are a few. One is the ‘Golden Rule’ – to treat others as you would like others to treat you.



What is a perfect day in Hawaii for you?

Gee, they’re all pretty great.


What is your favorite pastime and how do you relax?

We have quite a few past times. We love to read, exercise, play live music with each other, visit friends and family, cook special meals and watch great movies.


What is your favorite food?

Anthony’s cooking and Fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden and local farmers

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Love the color and music and cheerful smiling faces of Anthony Gwen and Christina! How I lookforward
to a return trip to Pupukea Heights.
All very best wishes for the continuing success of Honey Girl Organics. I even sleep better with your product
on my face and hands. Thankyou so much for this “miracule” natural procuct so lovingly nurtured

Jillian Morrissey

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