Protecting your Honey Girl Organics Products

Protecting your Honey Girl Organics Products

It’s Honey Girl Organics’ raison d'être to provide you with the finest organic skincare products, crafted with love and care to enhance your natural beauty. While it doesn’t happen too often, we’ve noticed some customers experiencing issues with mold growth on their products. We’re here to address it head-on and provide you with some tips to keep your Honey Girl Organics products fresh and pure from the first application to the last.
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Our dedication to using only natural and organic ingredients means our products are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. While this ensures purity and potency, it also means our products may be more susceptible to environmental factors like mold and other contaminants.
So, what can you do to protect your beloved Honey Girl Organics products and ensure they stay fresh and safe to use?
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Clean Hands, Happy Skin

Before using any of our products, it's crucial to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Even though our products contain natural preservatives, introducing bacteria and other microbes from your hands can compromise their integrity and lead to mold growth over time.
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Proper Storage is Key

Storing your Honey Girl Organics products in the right conditions can make a significant difference in their longevity. We recommend keeping them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Exposure to excessive heat and light can accelerate the growth of mold and diminish the effectiveness of the ingredients.
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Check Expiry Dates

While our products are made with high-quality organic ingredients, they still have a shelf life. Be sure to check the lot number on each product and use it within 6 months of opening. Using expired products not only increases the risk of mold growth but also reduces their efficacy. If you are unsure as to when your product was made, click here to find out.
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Keep Lids Tight

After each use, ensure that the lids of your Honey Girl Organics jars and bottles are tightly sealed. This helps prevent moisture from entering and keeps the products fresher for longer.
Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities. While mold can be an unfortunate consequence of natural and organic skincare products, following these simple steps can help mitigate the risk and ensure you continue to enjoy the miraculous benefits of our products.
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