New Year, New Skin!

New Year, New Skin!

While the idea of starting a New Year’s resolution can be daunting, I am here to help remind you that even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! If the past two years have taught me anything, it’s that progress is still progress, no matter how big or small. Today, I am here to help you all achieve healthier skin for 2022. With all the business and stress surrounding our day to day lives, it can be easy to put your skincare on the back-burner. But hopefully with these tips, you can take away some small changes that will leave your skin feeling happier and healthier than the year prior!

Whenever I am working to achieve a goal, I find it easier to break it up into steps. That way, I can accomplish something every day. So that’s what we’re going to do. If you can’t do all of these things in one day, that’s totally okay! What matters is that you did one small thing to help yourself out. 

1. Stay hydrated - I know this goes without saying, but a lot of people including myself forget to drink enough water on a daily basis! Your skin actually needs water in order to flush toxins and maintain elasticity. A good way to tell if you’re dehydrated is to gently pinch your skin and see if it bounces back. If it doesn't, that's a sign that your body is thirsty! One way I help keep myself hydrated is by carrying my reusable water bottle around with me everywhere. I even decorate it with stickers to add some fun to it! 

2. Wash your face - Once you get in the habit of washing your face daily, it’s hard to imagine your skincare routine without it. I keep my Foaming Facial Wash on the counter next to my toothbrush for easy access in the morning. Not to mention, splashing your face with water first thing in the morning gives you that energy burst you need to take on your day. If you end up having a busy morning and aren’t able to make time, there’s always the evening to wash away the stressors from your day. You can even put your face wash in the shower to make it that much more accessible to you. Our Facial Cleanser works wonderfully at removing makeup and other excess oils too!

3. Get enough sleep - We all have super busy schedules but nothing is more important than being well rested. Getting enough sleep reduces stress, and stress is one of the leading causes of acne! If you find it difficult to fall asleep right away, there are apps like the Calm App that you can download that play relaxing music and sounds for you to fall asleep to.

4. Moisturize - Similar to washing your face, moisturizing is an important step in your skincare routine. One tip I live by is keeping the products I want to be using routinely in visible places to remind myself to use them! My Face & Eye Creme is right by my bedside, so it’s pretty much impossible to go to bed or wake up without looking at it. If you’re a person that is constantly on the go, I definitely recommend carrying our H2GO stick with you so you can always make time to moisturize no matter where you are!

5. Learn about your skin - The best way to help yourself is by figuring out what your skin needs! There are many places you can go or online quizzes you can take to help figure out your skin type. We also have amazing resources on our website (you can find here and here) to help you figure out which products are best for your skin. By getting in touch with yourself, you have the ability to figure out the hows and whys behind your body and that is something that you can practice beyond skincare as well.

2022 is going to be our year, I can feel it! By practicing these steps you can not only achieve happier and healthier skin, but a happier and healthier you!

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