New Year, New Glow: A Guide to Better Skin this NYE

New Year, New Glow: A Guide to Better Skin this NYE

Tired, dull skin is so last year. Ring in 2023 with the healthy, happy skin you deserve. 

This time of year is all about new beginnings and making changes to better ourselves. And sometimes, the best changes come from the outside in. That’s why our resolution this year is to achieve healthier skin and help you improve yours, too! 

We know resolutions can be daunting, so we made a guide to help you on your journey to new and improved skin. 

Stay Hydrated 

Water – the ultimate cure! Your skin is your biggest organ and, while we all know we should hydrate, sometimes it's tough.

But did you know that your skin actually needs water in order to flush toxins and maintain elasticity? A good way to tell if you’re dehydrated is to gently pinch your skin and see if it bounces back. If it doesn't, that's a sign that your body is thirsty. 

Pro-tip: Get a cute water bottle and force yourself to carry it around. Eventually, it will become your favorite accessory.

Wash Your Face 

While it seems like given, this is the key to any good skincare regimen. Once you get in the habit of washing your face daily, it’s hard to imagine your skincare routine without it.

Nothing beats that refreshing feeling of a post-morning face wash. Start your day with our Foaming Facial Wash to gently cleanse, wake up, and prep your skin.

Washing your face each evening is equally, if not more, important. Never go to bed with a dirty face! Our Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remove breaks down makeup, dirt, oil and other remnants from the day to keep your skin pure, hydrated and fresh.

Get Enough Sleep 

Another often overlooked aspect of healthy skin – sleep! Improving your sleep habits will have a major impact on the appearance of your skin.

When we sleep, our skin produces new collagen needed to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Not to mention, sleep reduces stress and inflammation, both of which cause acne, dullness and texture issues. 


If your goal is to achieve a natural glow, hydration is key. Hydrate your skin from the outside to avoid a dry, lifeless look. Similar to washing your face, moisturizing is an important step in your skincare routine.

Our Matte cream can be used on your face, body, hands, feet, hair – basically everywhere! Just rub a small amount between your fingers or directly onto your skin to release the moisturizing ingredients.

Other products we recommend are our Face & Eye Crème, Body Crème and The Lotion

Learn About Your Skin

The best way to help yourself is by figuring out what your skin needs! There are many places you can go or online quizzes you can take to help figure out your skin type. We also have amazing resources on our website (you can find here and here) to help you figure out which products are best for your skin. By getting in touch with yourself, you have the ability to figure out the hows and whys behind your body and that is something that you can practice beyond skincare as well.

Let this be your year for fresh, revitalized skin! By practicing these steps you can not only achieve happier and healthier skin, but a happier and healthier you.

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