Malama Honua - Care For Our Island Earth!

Malama Honua - Care For Our Island Earth!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

It’s no secret that we love a certain little insect that provides so much for us. Honeybees are important to our survival. Our food supply would die off without them pollinating flowers and other plants. There would only be about half the fruits and vegetables in our supermarkets for human consumption. Yikes!

Honey Girl Organics takes pride in the care and conservation of bees. At our farm, the owners - Anthony, Gwen & Christina, have several hives in the luscious yard. The garden is packed with bee-friendly plants like lavender & hibiscus, and fruit tress like lemon, lime, orange, papaya & avocado. The bees love to get to work here… and we love to watch. Our honey, beeswax, and other hive ingredients are holistically harvested, cruelty free, raw and unprocessed, so you know they are good for your skin and body.


Anthony, a long-time beekeeper and master formulator for HGO, is also the President of Hawaii Beekeepers Association. He dedicates much time to the small yellow and black creatures, as well as to local beekeepers.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Apart from our beloved honeybees, Honey Girl Organics strives to produce the least waste possible. We use as many recyclable items as we can and try to avoid one-time-use materials. To cut down on waste we do not use paper-boxes around the individual products. All of our shipping materials, like the boxes and brown paper can be recycled. And most importantly - all of our product containers, jars and bottles are reusable and recyclable. 

All HGO employees love sharing the different ways we have “gone green” in our own homes. Recently, I learned about two products that I now adore for the low impact they will make on the environment.

Founder & owner, Maui-girl Lani Galetto of Bee Akamai, wants us all to live a more sustainable life. She created a reusable beeswaxed eco food wrap, that you use instead of plastic saran-wrap. You can use the eco wrap to cover your left-overs, or just simply wrap up your food and it will stay fresh. Once done, you just wash the wrap with a mild soap and water and air dry. The wraps come in tons of different patterns that are sure to make use a little more fun.

The second discovery I L O V E is Stasher Bags. These colorful bags eliminate the need for plastic zip-loc bags that are harmful to humans and the rest of the planet. They are made of a medical grade silicone that won’t melt under high temperatures which means you can pop them right in a pot to steam veggies. That’s right – fast and easy clean ups too. You can’t go wrong with these bags.

We love hearing about what our Honey Girl Ohana out there is doing to better their homes, lives -- and most importantly Mother Earth! Do you have products that replace plastic/one-time-use items, or ways of living that helps reduce our consumption in everyday life? Please comment below :)

The smallest acts can start the greatest changes!


Written by Candice E. Meyers

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