Love Yourself

Love Yourself

This Valentine's weekend we dare you to love the most important person in your life - YOURSELF!

With Valentine's Day coming up this Sunday, what better way to spend the weekend than to take a break from your every day chores and regular agenda, to spend some time on self care, self-love, and maybe creating some healthy habits and routines that can help you the rest of the year. 

Here's how we are going to love ourselves this Valentine's:

Be With Yourself

We all hear about the benefits of meditation, but who has time to sit down and do nothing, right? We're not going into the nitty-gritty scientific details of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, but we encourage everyone to at least try it for a month, and see what it can do for you. We challenge you to start this weekend and spend 15 minutes, preferably in the morning, and practice just being with yourself. If you're new to meditation, we suggest using apps like Headspace and Calm. Our current favorite is the 12 Step Course with the 1 Giant Mind app.

Learn About Yourself

Work, friends, family and a hectic lifestyle is normal, and success is often measured by how busy we are. But does that really reflect what we want and how much we enjoy life? It can be hard to remember what truly makes us fulfilled and how we find our own happiness, especially when we spend so much time 'doing' all day long. One way to come back to our own path to happiness, is to journal - gratitude journals, affirmations, or writing down how you really feel can be great tools to find yourself again. You might be surprised - sometimes you realize that your true happiness is right in front of you, but you've just been too busy to see it. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Everyone should do something physical every day! Keeping your body active and getting to know it, is essential for overall health and loving yourself. Find something you enjoy doing every day - from taking a walk every afternoon, spin on your bike, take a dip in the ocean or go for a surf. It will make you feel good and your body will thank you for it. Also remember to fuel up on the good stuff and always drink plenty of water. If you need motivation, download a free habit tracker to document your progress. 

Pamper Yourself

Now, this is our favorite step and where we consider ourselves "experts". You only have one body and it's surrounded by your biggest organ - your skin! Taking time to care for your skin is the ultimate way to show yourself some love. This weekend, take the time to enjoy a bath, scrub off dead skin and rejuvenate with an allover luscious body cream and massage. Don't forget to pamper your feet and hands as well. And, when was the last time you took care of your scalp? While in the bath, enjoy a hot oil treatment to nourish your scalp and massage throughout your hair to treat your mane too. Indulge in a mineral-rich mask that brightens your complexion and draws out impurities from your pores. Replenish, hydrate and moisturize with your favorite products. Maybe it's time to invest in something new, like a high-powered face serum to target those specific needs. Or maybe your skin has gotten dry over these colder winter months and crave some extra hydration and moisture

Invest In Yourself

Creating better habits, taking time to relax, getting to know yourself on a deeper level and taking care of your physical body - these are all investments in yourself and in our opinion, the best ways to love yourself!

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