It's Summer Time!

It's Summer Time!

Photo by @cravegreens

Ahhh… Sweet summer time is finally here! 

As a favorite season by many; you can’t help but be happy. Everyone is out and about from their winter hibernation, the flowers are in full bloom, and the weather is in a constant sunny state. Honestly, you can’t beat it!

The summer solstice happens when the sun reaches its highest point- the Tropic of Cancer. This means it is the longest day of the year if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are south.. it will be your shortest day 🙁Don’t worry though, you’ll be the ones laughing come this December!

This summer I have plans to camp, learn to surf, hike, and have as many beach days as possible with my husband and our friends. We love to be outside and hardly ever pass on a new adventure.

I know I’ll be keeping my HGO Protect stick handy at all times and a bottle of After Sun Face & Body Lotion to put on at night. With those two around I know I will be protected and comfortable which always makes good times better.

Here’s to the best summer yet! Cheers 🙂  

Comment below to tell us what your summer plans will be! 

Written by Candice Meyers

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