Insights On Self-Love

"In my journey of self-love, I’ve found that my best guide is to attend to me and what feels good to my 5 senses and imagination. My judgement that my choices are valid gives me appreciation and a better understanding of myself. I’m always able to choose good, and when I do, I feel I love myself a little more." - Christina, HGO Founder

Loving oneself is a personal journey of self-discovery and change. It evolves over the years. As we grow, different parts of ourselves are revealed. Sometimes we surprise ourselves; self-discovery can be exciting! At times it comes easy, like wrapping ourselves in a favorite cozy blanket and sleeping in on a Sunday morning. At times, it’s more challenging, just one more thing “we have to do to make ourselves happier, better, stronger.” Distractions can pull us away from the essence of who we are, the well of love inside ourselves. 

Many would have us believe that once we hit a certain age, we ought to look for any signs that show our years, and figure out a way to undo them. But the thing is, as we age, we grow. Society seems to focus more on the aging side of the equation, not so much on the growth. We do have a choice though.  --A beautiful, amazing opportunity actually, to let go of the distractions and love ourselves at every age, to appreciate who we are, how far we’ve come-- and the continued growth that allows us to cultivate our beauty, wisdom, & compassion.  

Speaking of self-love, we at Honey Girl Organics have the pleasure and privilege to work with Honey Girls and Honey Guys of all backgrounds and ages who emanate Aloha. We asked some to share what self-love means to them, and how they practice it at this stage in their lives. 

Gwen & Anthony - HGO Founders

“Our biggest discovery every day is the way we feel moment by moment is what’s most important. It’s what life is all about. Being selfish enough to feel good and consistently appreciate the positive in our lives and others'. After all, we have the most to give others when we love ourselves!” - Gwen 

“What makes me feel like I love myself the most is when I realize how truly great my life is. That happens when I see beauty in my world.” - Anthony

Jaden - Beekeeper & Customer Service 

"For me, self-love means acceptance of all aspects of myself, both light and dark. It is being honest and truthful with myself and allowing my words and actions to be authentic. It is returning to gratitude for all that life and this universe has given me."  

Justine - Production Assistant

“Today and everyday I choose me, I love my body and all it continues to do for me. I’m choosing to stop negative self-talk, believe in me and love the woman I am.”

Guy - Agriculture Tech

“Self-love?  --Drink tea, eat yogurt and bee-lieve true beauty comes from beautiful actions.”

Jerilyn - Sales & Customer Service

"Self-love means embracing myself for all that I am. My wrinkles and gray hair are my reminders that I am still here enjoying life to the fullest! A lot of people are not so fortunate, so everyday is a blessing!"

Nicole - Shipping & Handling

"Love yourself first and foremost so that it exudes from your being. That way you’re able to project that out to the world!!"

Tiffany - Creamery Assistant & HGO Writer

"Simply put, loving yourself is respecting yourself!"

Rachel - Creamery Assistant

"Self-love means taking the time to listen to your body and mind and nurture it the best you can. I practice self-love by eating well most of the time, going out in nature, and practicing yoga and meditation."

Leilani - Social Media Coordinator

"For me, self-love is allowing myself to feel. I think too often, I try to explain away my feelings; I don’t deserve to feel that, I shouldn’t be bothered by this, I should be more resilient.  –I think self-love is about allowing yourself to be authentic."

Gwendolyn - Sales & Customer Service

My opinion of myself matters more than how others view me. I continuously create personal standards for my behavior, appearance and choices based on who I want to be and how I want to feel rather than how I think others will view me. 

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