Honey Girl Organics Guide to a Blissful At-Home Spa Day

Honey Girl Organics Guide to a Blissful At-Home Spa Day

Here at Honey Girl Organics, we celebrate every moment of self-care we can find in our day. We know that taking care of ourselves with high-quality organic products is not only vital for our personal care routine, but it nourishes us on even deeper levels. Creating space in your day for self-care rituals goes beyond the benefits of skincare and personal body care. It allows your mind to have a moment of stillness, reduces stress, and helps you to practice mindfulness. 
Today we will walk you through how to pamper yourself from the comfort of your home; so pencil in an at-home spa day on your calendar and call up your favorite people! Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or simply craving some much-needed time with your girlfriends, we’ve got you covered!
From how to set the mood, to a checklist of things you’ll need, down to every spa activity that’s on the books for your big day; keep reading to plan out your perfect at-home spa day with HGO!

Vibe Check!

By infusing a dash of creativity and a bit of planning, you can effortlessly convert your space into a serene sanctuary, with everything you need to feel relaxed, pampered, and refreshed.
A list of must-dos before your guests arrive:
  1. Beforehand you’ll want to create a playlist to match the mood of the vibe for the day, we love a mix of gentle mediation music and healing frequencies to set the scene for relaxation. Prepping this will ensure the day goes off without a hitch, and you and your guests can soak in as much rejuvenation together without distractions. 
  2. Gather all the supplies and products required for your spa day in advance. Doing this will spare you the inconvenience of interrupting your relaxation to hunt for items midway through your treatment!
  3. Set the mood with candles, low lighting, incense, and anything else you know will provide that extra level of comfort to the day.
  4. Dress in comfortable, light clothing, and tell your guests to do the same!

At-Home Spa Day Checklist!

  1. Anything cozy - bathrobes, slippers, wool socks, things you can layer with and be super comfortable wearing. (Bonus points if you have extras for your guests too!)
  2. Towels - you’ll want to be prepared with enough towels for all your guests, also having some washcloths on hand is a great idea too. 
  3. Light beverages and snacks - a spa day isn’t complete without some nourishing elements for the body, so be sure to prep these in advance! We love mineral sparkling water, and some fresh fruit, for drinks and light snacks that everyone will love. 
  4. Essential oils - we’ll be using lavender oil, but choose whatever scent you most prefer. 
  5. A basin for holding warm water, or access to a bathtub for feet soaking!
  6. A serum for your hair and scalp - we will be doing a scalp massage with this.
  7. A facial or body scrub - we will be using this for relaxing pedicures.
  8. A facial mask - we will be finishing out spa day with a soothing facial mask.
  9. This blog bookmarked so you can follow along with our at-home spa day outline. 😉
Once you’ve set the scene, prepped everything in advance, and the awaited at-home spa day is here, it is time to R E L A X and have a wonderful day with your guests.
Follow along for the head-to-toe treatments to keep you and your guests feeling like you’re on cloud nine with these simple ways to find spa quality - at home!

Art of Scalp Massaging for Total Relaxation

It is time to give your scalp some much-needed TLC, for this scalp massage we recommend using our Serum Hair Treat. Just a few drops of this certified organic hair serum is all you need to create a relaxing experience from your scalp to the rest of your senses with the light scent of lemon oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon leaf oil to drift you into a state of pure bliss. 
No matter the length of your hair, since we’re focusing on the scalp, dispense a small amount (pea size) into your hands, and warm up the serum with your hands. The most effective way to give yourself a scalp massage is to divide your hair into sections, you can simply use your fingers or a comb for this step. 
Start at your temples, gently massaging any tension away, this starts to create some blood flow. From here move up to the front of your scalp, and travel down your hairline in small circles. Now, let’s move to the front of your scalp, and continue with the small circular motions by starting to move the serum throughout your entire scalp. Work your way from the front of your scalp to the base of your neck. Spend a few juicy moments at the base of your skull, and apply light but firm pressure to promote relaxation. 
..Take your time.. 
Enjoy the sensations of the massage, and the light scent of the serum, and allow your shoulders to soften and be relaxed while tending to your scalp.
From here, you can brush the remaining serum through the rest of your hair, and shower as needed when home. 
This scalp massage is a hair treatment all in one!

The Magic of Pedicures

Let’s move on down to those feet that could use some lovin’!
Remember that basin we mentioned in the checklist? Now is the time to use this, fill up the basin with warm water, or fill your bathtub with water, either works great. Add a few drops of the preferred essential oil to evoke the rest of the senses, and fill the room with the pleasant scent you’ve chosen for an aromatherapy moment. 
Once you have your warm water, place those tired tootsies in and spend the next five or so minutes relaxing and enjoying the sensation of the warmth against the soles of your feet. 
Whip out your favorite facial or body scrub, we’re opting for HGO Facial Scrub and get ready to exfoliate away the tension in your feet. The Facial Scrub has delicately textured cane sugar and diatomaceous earth, these ingredients provide gentle exfoliation, while the coconut oil, aloe butter, and raw Hawaiian honey deeply moisturize and soothe the roughness of your feet. 
Spend a few minutes on each foot, and gently rinse off the scrub with the warm water on hand! 
Now is the perfect time to wrap your feet in slippers or wool socks to keep them comfortable and warm throughout the rest of the at-home spa day. 

Elevate Your Glow with a Lymphatic Facial Massage and Face Mask

Before we apply our facial mask, we highly suggest that you first start with a simple-to-follow lymphatic massage to stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage to the face and chest. 
First, it is important to understand that the lymphatic system is just below the skin so you need only the lightest of touch. The Lymphatic system isn’t the muscles, it does not require pressure to be stimulated, so light, slow strokes are best.
Start at the base of the neck, right above the collarbone, slowly making 10 small circles using your middle and index finger.
From here we’ll move underneath the jawline, and at the corners, use your middle finger and do 10 small downward moving strokes in this area. 
Repeat the same step at the temples, and keep up with the small downward moving strokes. 
Pro Tip: You’re doing this correctly if you feel the need to swallow, this is showing you that you are indeed moving fluid! 
Now, move into a facial massage, working the cheeks with small circles, moving to the forehead, and always remembering to bring your fingers in a downward motion to promote drainage. 
Finish your massage by bringing your fingertips to your jawline, and with slow movements bring them down to the base of the neck where we started at your collarbone for 10 light strokes. 
End by applying a thin layer of your favorite face mask, we are using our beloved Rejuvenating Mask from HGO, rich in raw Hawaiian honey, French green clay, and Hawaiian blue-green algae; this formula is packed with vitamins and nutrients to get your skin glowing!
Embrace The Blissful Relaxation:
As we come to a close with your at-home spa day, it is time to bask in the relaxation; now is the perfect time for those beverages and snacks, while you unwind with your loved ones and spend quality time together.
We hope you have the most luxurious spa day with your mom this Mother’s Day or your besties, if you follow our guide be sure to tag us on social media with your best at-home spa-day selfies and let us know how it goes!
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics


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