Happy Valentine's Day To You!

Happy Valentine's Day To You!

Love is in the air! All kinds of love, including self love. It’s a term we’re hearing a lot lately, and frankly, it’s about time! Valentine’s Day is a great time to reflect and appreciate your relationship with your significant other, but it’s also probably the perfect time to address your relationship with the most significant person in your life: you.

Here at Honey Girl Organics, we talk a lot about self love.  That’s because we’re a brand committed to helping you feel the most beautiful you can with healthy skin.  But self love isn’t just slapping on a Rejuvenating Mask or doing a Facial Scrub at the end of the day. It’s about the mental and emotional steps it took to get you there. Are you spoiling yourself? Not just once a year. I’m talking all the time.








You work hard. You might not be able to admit it to yourself, but you do. You also deserve to enjoy life’s little happy things!  This was something I hadn’t really realized until this year. I worked through four years of college with two jobs, a serious boyfriend and didn’t really ever stop to pat myself on the back.  I’ll give you an example: I spent the day that I was supposed to be walking in my college graduation at work. As the social media coordinator, I spent all day long telling people how important it is to take time to take care of yourself, while not doing any of those things for myself.  It wasn’t sustainable. 




It wasn’t until a few significant things shifted in my life that I came to realize that self love is not just a luxury - it’s a necessity if I want to enjoy my life, rather than just “get through it”.  I had to let myself be proud of my work, and then I had to find a way to forgive myself for taking time to love myself. It’s strange and counterintuitive to think about pampering yourself as something you have to convince yourself into, but it can sometimes be very hard to believe you are worth even the smallest luxuries, sometimes.  

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is.  This Valentine’s Day can be about your significant other, but it can also be about you just as much.  You deserve love. And it can come from you, too.                                                                                              










Written by Leilani Mitchell   


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