Dads Need Lotion Too!

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Were you one of the lucky ones that received our Father’s Day Gift Set or our ManKine Face & Body Lotion? Congratulations and you definitely deserve it!

Here are a few HGO quick-tips and information for your newfound skin care regiment.

First up – ManKine Face & Body Lotion. This lotion was created for the men that need a moisturizer but don’t want to have multiple lotions hanging around the sink. With hints of organic cypress and bergamot essential oils we gave this special lotion a masculine scent that you are sure to enjoy…and your skin will too.

Tip: Use as an after shave or an every day moisturizer. A little goes a long way!

Our Super Skin Food is our most nourishing and hydrating formula - our heavy artillery if you will. It is packed with beehive products, organic essential oils, and vitamin E to replenish desperate skin. Super Skin Food is safe and gentle enough to use anywhere on the body. It helps heal problem spots, reduce the appearance of scars, and lighten dark spots. All in all, it’s a cream everyone should have in their routine.

Tip: Use on problem areas such as dry, cracked, rough skin, eczema, psoriasis and burns. Or on your face for a super moisturizing and healing experience. 

Dad’s need kissable lips too and that’s why we added in our Lip Balm Stick Extra Sensitive. Our Extra Sensitive formula is simple with only two ingredients, but they leave your lips feeling silky smooth and ready to smooch all day long. 

Tip: Apply regularly to keep your lips soft. Can be used as a quick moisturizer on the face when you are out and about with the family.

Lastly, a must have for this summer season is our Protect stick. With zinc oxide, beeswax and shea butter along with a few other organic ingredients your skin will stay protected while out in the elements which means you can make more memories with your family. That’s a win-win situation!

Tip: Apply before going out in the elements. Keep a hat on for further protective measures.

We hope you love your new gift set and have an amazing Father’s Day whether you are spending time with your father, your kids, or the person that made you a dad.

You are so loved by many and all of us here at HGO!

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Written by Candice Meyers


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