Got damaged, dry hair? We have a treat for you!

Got damaged, dry hair? We have a treat for you!

You’ve mastered the at-home blowout, you never miss a root touch-up appointment, and you’ve honed the skill of using your flat iron to create beautiful waves in your hair. 
Your hair goes through a lot. But are you doing everything you can to show your hair some extra TLC?
From your scalp to your ends, here are my favorite tips to start adding to your haircare routine right now to see healthier, shiner, and stronger hair.
a pile of Silk Hair Ties
Get Silky!
Opt for silk hair ties, it is time to say goodbye to the cotton, super tight elastic hair ties that can snag and damage your hair. The benefits of using a silk hair tie are endless, they are known for being super soft and smooth, which means they’ll treat your hair the same way! Particularly, opting for mulberry silk hair ties is important, this is because the specific silk fabric is naturally hydrating, and absorbs less than 30% of moisture compared to the classic cotton hair ties. 
This simple switch can keep your hair more hydrated, and healthy!
Sit down and brush up!
It used to be a common practice that women would sit down and slowly brush their hair each evening, taking time to add this hair-brushing ritual back into your routine will have a drastic improvement on the health of your hair. 
Even just a few minutes of gently brushing your hair is known to stimulate your scalp, move precious oil throughout your hair, and stimulate your circulation which is vital for seeing increased hair follicle growth. 
Blow drying Hair
Less heat!
This is a 2-step approach.
First, whenever you’re using hot tools on your hair, turn down the heat! We typically use our tools on too hot of a setting, and this small act of turning down the heat is a fast way to reverse the damage.
Second, try an experiment this month where you decrease your blowouts to only 1-2 times, having longer periods in between heat tools is a great way to give your hair a break and see improvement in the health of your hair.
Using the Honey Girl Organics Serum Hair Treat
Treat your hair!
Say hello to Serum Hair Treat, the product that has saved my hair and brought back the lustrous shine I thought I lost for good. 
Like most women, I put my hair through a lot. We’re talking too tight of high ponytails, lots of sun and chlorinated water exposure, and oh yeah, I bleach and color my hair every 6-weeks to maintain the look I desire! 
The Serum Hair Treat from Honey Girl Organics is how I manage to keep up with all of these damaging acts while maintaining long, shiny, soft, and supple hair. 
Before I share my favorite ways to use it, let’s break down why this formula is top-notch and something that my hair simply couldn’t thrive without…
Beautiful, organic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, lemon oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon leaf essential oil all work together to deeply penetrate the hair and provide visibly healthier hair.
The extra virgin olive oil seals moisture back into your strands; this helps with the elasticity of your hair and leads to less breakage and damage over time. 
Beeswax has trace amounts of vitamin A, which moisturizes the hair and the cuticle, so say goodbye to dry brittle ends with this product! 
The lemon oil is an ingredient that has been used for centuries to promote hair health and visible radiance. A benefit to this oil is that it has been shown to help stimulate hair follicles, which in turn, helps to stimulate hair growth.
Peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils are both key players in this formula, as they are known for improving blood flow. If you’re looking to grow longer, stronger hair…this formula is a must-try!
 Honey Girl Organics Serum Hair Treat
The ways I incorporate this treat of a product into my monthly haircare routine:
Before putting your hair into a ponytail, use a few drops of this serum, and finger-comb it into the mid-shaft and ends. Adding a light amount of serum to the hair will help ensure your hair is smooth, and hydrated, helping you to create a sleek ponytail with no extra damage. 
I adore using this serum as a hair mask. Apply a small amount into the hands, working mostly from the mid-shaft to the ends, and leave it on for 30 minutes for fine hair and 45 minutes for thick hair. This works with both wet and dry hair, so experiment with both and see what you prefer.
 Showing the Consistency of the Serum Hair Treat
My current favorite obsession is using this serum as part of my hair oiling routine.
You’re going to want to take about one teaspoon for finer, shorter hair, or one tablespoon for thicker, longer hair. Warm the serum in your hands before you gently massage it onto the scalp, and then take the remaining oil and carefully pull it through the rest of the hair. 
Once your hair is oiled, it is best to not brush it or tie it up into a tight ponytail. Hair with oil becomes more fragile and prone to breakage, so we do not want to cause any more damage. My favorite way is slowly, and gently twist your hair up and pin it in place with a claw clip while you let the serum do its magic. 
 Honey Girl Holding the Serum Hair Treat
I suggest you leave this on your scalp and hair for no longer than 1 hour. If you are sensitive to oils, please test before, as this product does contain peppermint oil and can cause a slight tingly sensation on your scalp that some people do not prefer. 
Once the serum has done its job, it is time to gently rinse this from your hair, and you can then shampoo and condition your hair as normal to reveal healthier hair.
Incorporating this serum into your haircare routine will leave your hair bouncy, healthy, and shiny - no matter what you put your hair through!
We’d love to hear your favorite tip or secret to healthy hair! 
Drop any additional hacks below to share with the HGO community on how to have a healthy hair care routine. 
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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I love your suggestions for hair care, and I am happy you have a lovely hair serum, I wish you would create a shampoo and conditioner. It would make for a complete hair care system. Thank You

Lorraine Russo

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