Give Love 💚 Gift Green

Give Love 💚 Gift Green

Perfect gift sets for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's season we've curated two perfect gift sets that says 'I LOVE YOU' with green & clean beauty!

Our limited edition Valentine's gift sets are wrapped & ready for giving. AND they come with a 20% discount included! Just make sure to order by February 8th to ensure it arrives in time. 

Limited Edition Valentine's Day Body Care Gift Set 

Love Your Lovemaking
Lovemaking is that much sweeter when you have a little Personal Lubricant on hand. It soothes your skin while relieving dryness, enhancing sensual intimacy. It feels good, tastes good, and is safe to ingest! Not only that - it helps to intensify sensation and has excellent staying power. We bet you'll love your lovemaking even more, with a little HGO on hand. Or wherever. Not latex compatible.

Love Your Lips
Are your lips ready for Valentine's Day? Get kissable hydration with organic & natural ingredients that are safe to ingest. All our lip treatments are made with certified organic beeswax and organic extra virgin olive oil. Our luscious lip balms soothe and heal dry and chapped lips, protects from dehydration and the harsh elements and keep your lips looking happy and healthy. Their natural sheen make them a great lip gloss too!

Love Your Body
Love the skin you're in - and pamper it with the best ingredients nature provides! The first thing you notice when opening a jar of the HGO Body Crème is the amazing scent! Organic essential oils of lemongrass, orange and lime are blended perfectly together with clove and patchouli to create an uplifting & refreshing, but grounding aroma.

Love Your Feet
Your whole body will benefit from the care you give to your feet! The Honey Girl Organic Foot Balm is a rejuvenating and moisturizing foot cream that instantly soothes, nourishes, restores and softens your feet. The foot cream will stimulate blood circulation with organic essential oils of peppermint, lavender, clove and ginger.

Limited Edition Valentine's Day Facial Care Gift Set 

Love Your Bright Face
Our exfoliating Facial Scrub whisks away dead skin cells and increases blood circulation. It helps balance skin tone and diminishes fine lines, revealing plumper, younger looking skin and leaving it silky smooth. Smells like a tropical breeze and is great for all skin types. 

Love Your Glow
The Rejuvenating Mask mildly exfoliates and draws impurities out from the deepest levels of your skin. It helps reduce blemishes while tightening, brightening and adding nutrients that help stimulate collagen production. Made with raw Hawaiian honey, French green clay and Hawaiian blue green algae it is rich in the essential vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to be healthy.

Love Your Mist
Honey Girl Organics’ Facial Toner with Propolis, Rose & Neroli, is gentle and refreshing. It hydrates, invigorates and purifies, giving your skin a healthy glow. Use it throughout the day to keep your face and body clean and healthy. It’s suitable for all skin types. Great on hot days as a face and body spray. 

Love Your Skin
Super concentrated, super-packed, and super effective, this cream is the one you want for those troubled spots that just don’t respond to other treatment. Super Skin Food helps soothe and repair distressed and problem skin. It helps facilitate healing while reducing the appearance of scars and helps lighten dark spots.

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