Fall in Love with Your Skin

Fall in Love with Your Skin

It’s the season of love. Well, when is it not really? Falling is love is alway a good thing, especially when it means you’re falling in love with your skin.  

Now we know what you’re thinking, no way. Not me. That’s ridiculous. Did any of that run through your head?  

Well, here’s the thing. Whether you like it or not, you and your skin are stuck with each other. Forever. Settling is just not acceptable. “Getting along” is okay, but falling in love is so much better. Just think about it. Really, that’s the first step! Open your mind to all the positive possibilities and you're on your way. Roald Dahl said it best: “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Humor us, and give it a go. Here are 7 steps to falling in love with your skin.  

Get yourself ready to fall

This might be the most difficult step. Realizing you’re in a relationship with your skin is a mighty powerful paradigm shift. So much of the time we simply “react” to what happens to our skin. Awareness is key, because it allows us to give, not just take. After all, relationships are all about give and take right? That’s only possible if we have our head right first, the heart will follow! You can fall in love with your skin. It protects you, it’s beautiful, --it’s part of you. And, it wants you to love it. Believe us when we say if you treat it well, it’ll love you back. Just wait and see :)

Take it Slow

Get to know your skin for what it is today. Your lifestyle, habits, age and products have likely all changed through the years, and along with them, the look and feel of your skin. What’s happening now in your life is what matters because that’s what’s affecting your skin today. Don’t assume the products that worked for you last year are going to have the same effect now. Like most people, you probably know your skin type, but that’s just the base, there’s so much that can affect your skin. Take a step back and really consider where you’re compromising when it comes to skin care? Are those late nights at the office really worth it? Are you too tired by the time you finally get ready for bed that you skip washing your face -- or only partially cleanse it? And on the flip-side, what’s working? Are you loving how your facial scrub is actually doing what it claims? Sloughing off all those dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth? Take some time to reflect before switching up your routine and products. Take it slow, there’s no need to rush into anything.

Keep it real

Be honest, did you pick? Of course not now! But ya know, back in the day ;) The reality is, our skin literally shows the scars from days gone by. For better or for worse, it took a long time to get your skin where it is now, and it’s going to take some time to make the changes you want to see. It’s okay though, it’s better to face the truth and zero-in on exactly what would make you and your skin happy.  

Give things time

Big sweeping acts of self-love, i.e. a day at the spa, an online shopping spree or maybe an overdue trip to the dermatologist, can and do make a difference-- but it’s what you do with the results gained, products purchased and information obtained that really matters; and even more important--is how you incorporate all this into your daily routine. As the saying goes: “If you are persistent you will get it, If you are consistent, you’ll keep it.” Give yourself time to get your personal skin care protocols and program down.

Deal with conflict appropriately 

Don’t cover it up and call it good. If you have a flare-up, deal with it. The reason may be obvious, or it may not be. Don’t rush to conclusions and don’t overreact, doing so may just punish your skin more. Know that a break-out doesn’t mean you have to break down. And remember, regardless of what goes down, you can never break-up with your skin! So, have your tools in place for times like these and know that just like all hard times, this soon shall pass.


If you made it through the previous 5 steps, you’re ready, make the commitment. In fact, the truth is you already have. Actions speak louder than words, and a good skin care routine is music to the ears- well, more like cheeks, chin, eye, nose and forehead ;) Knowing that you have your own unique and special skin care needs that are yours alone, and being aware that they deserve your time and attention is what is going to make your love more than skin deep. 

Keep it fresh

Falling in love with your skin is a process, and just like love, there’s no end, no destination. It’s a journey that continues on and on and on. And to keep it alive, healthy and strong, you have to keep it fresh. Have fun! Try new products, indulge in that facial, share your skin care secrets with us, we’ll do the same with you! Love may be comfortable and safe, but it should never be boring. There’s no need for that. I mean it’s skin. Just the word is sexy right? Say it slow, sssskinnn. Haha, made you laugh. :)

You are the only one who knows how it truly feels to walk around in your skin. It takes time to filter out other people’s advice and listen to your own body. If you practice though you’ll be able to develop a relationship with your skin that informs you on an ongoing basis, and not only that, you can be proactive and provide the nourishment your skin needs so it can love you back. Just remember, to truly love and care for your skin, a long term commitment is required; it’s the long hall that matters. As Pete Wenz said, it’s cool to fall in love and grow old with someone.” We might just add-- especially when that someone is yourself. Embrace all of you, skin included, and go fall in love.  

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