Customer Stories: Real Results with Honey Girl Organics

Customer Stories: Real Results with Honey Girl Organics

Honey Girl Organics is known for its dedication to natural and organic ingredients. Our skincare line was founded on the awareness that using bee-derived products can enhance skin health by relying on the power of Mother Earth and what she has to offer us. Our products are filled with raw Hawaiian honey, beeswax, propolis, and other beehive ingredients. Everything we put into our formulations is known for its potent healing and nourishing properties.
Today we want to explore the buzz around some of our beloved products, and share testimonials from verified customers about how HGO has been instrumental in transforming their skin!

Our Customer’s Most Bee-loved Products

Face & Eye Crème
We can’t talk about our customers and their favorite HGO products without highlighting our signature and best-selling product, the Face & Eye Crème. With a 5-star rating, it's clear why our loyal customers have a love affair with this product. They return to it time and again because there's truly nothing else like it on the market. Once it becomes a staple in your skincare routine, it’s there to stay!
This rich formula is brimming with goodness, featuring star ingredients like organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, and organic rose oil. It’s a deeply penetrating crème designed to effectively nourish your delicate facial tissue!
Forever in love!: "I've been using this face cream every day for about a decade and I will never stop. I live in a very dry climate and it is my savior in the winter when the dry heat wants to drain my skin. Five stars isn't enough." - Melaney P
HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum
If your skin needs instant hydration, you need to add this serum to your cart ASAP! With a blend of five organic oils, your face will glow from this antioxidant-packed formula. Customers love it for its versatility, using it on their face and neck, and it also helps promote collagen production.
It’s a top seller at HGO for a reason!
Look at what one of our gorgeous customers, Elli had to say about it…
The holy grail of all serums EVER: "I cannot function without this glorious ambrosia! My skin is in heaven when I apply this face serum. I apply at least twice a day in the summer for an extra application. When a sale comes - I stock up. Never without it." - Ellis
Facial Toner
If you’re looking for a multi-use product that soothes, purifies, and feeds the skin, our Facial Toner is ready to become your new favorite product! It’s packed with natural ingredients like purified water, organic witch hazel extract, organic rose oil, and organic propolis. This toner can be used as a facial toner when applied to a cotton pad and swiped over the skin, as a full-body spray toner, and even as a makeup setting spray!
Did you know our formulas are safe for acne-prone skin? We frequently hear from customers suffering from different types of acne about how our formulas have helped heal their skin from the inside out.
Look at the lovely words one customer had to say about our toner and how it helped her skin…
LOVE IT: "I suffer from cystic acne as well as uneven skin tone. This toner has helped my acne and it has lightened my scars drastically only after using this product for one week. A must buy!!!" - Amanda C
At Honey Girl Organics, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you, your health, and the planet. When our customers write in to express how our products have impacted their skin, it reinforces why we continue to do what we do.
Whether you have sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, or are just looking for a more natural approach to skincare, HGO has products designed to support you and the health of your skin!
If you’re a long-time lover of Honey Girl Organics, we want to hear from you! Take a moment to find your most-loved product on our website and leave a review. Not only does this mean the world to us, but it also helps potential customers hear real-life results from people who have witnessed transformations in their skin.
Let your testimonial be the reason someone switches to organic skincare!!
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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I discovered Honey Girl at the legendary Integral Yoga Natural Foods Store in New York City over twenty years ago. That store’s high standards created an amazing Body Care department. Honey Girl has kept my skin looking great and young and supple ever since. The purity of these products is unmatched. Thank you so much!

Jo Sgammato

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