Beehive To Home: The Journey of Honey Girl Organics' Ingredients

Beehive To Home: The Journey of Honey Girl Organics' Ingredients

It’s plain to see that our business was founded on the admiration of bees and their miraculous beehive products! 

Honey Girl Organics' star ingredients are sourced directly from the bees - which is how our business was started in the first place!

Let's journey from the beehive to your home to understand how these ingredients start in their most natural form and end up in the skincare products you love.

The Journey Starts in Our Backyard 18 Years Ago...

When the founders Anthony Maxfield, Gwen Maxfield, and Christina Sirlin moved into their new neighborhood in Hawaii, they soon realized they weren't the only occupants of the area - bees also lived there!
Instead of finding ways to remove the bees from the land, Anthony curated a personal relationship with them and their hives. He tended to them, sourced beehive products, and started his new passion as a beekeeper. Shortly after realizing the multiple beneficial properties of beehive products, Honey Girl Organics was officially born.
Anthony Maxfield tending to Honey Girl Organics' Beehives

From Beehives to HGO’s Products

Honey Girl Organics sources our primary star ingredients directly from Certified Organic apiaries in Hawaii: organic honey and organic beeswax, naturally infused with pollen, propolis and royal jelly. 🍯

Our beekeeping team carefully gathers ripe honey from the local hives by extracting frames brimming with honeycomb cells. After collection, they meticulously process the frames to extract the pure, raw Hawaiian Honey.

Alongside honey, the beeswax is obtained by scraping the frames during honey extraction. The beeswax undergoes melting under low temperatures and filtration to eliminate impurities, keeping the vital pollen, which gives it the golden color we love. This process prepares the wax for the next stages of our formulation process.

Handmade In Small Batches with Love

Now that we have our star ingredients ready to go, the process of creating our products begins!
We produce all of our products in small, handmade batches here at the HGO headquarters in Hawaii. 
This is part of our commitment to you, ensuring that all formulas are crafted with raw, natural ingredients to maintain the product efficacy and preserve the peak performance of these natural elements.

From Our Beehive to Your Home

When you purchase directly from our site, you get the freshest products available that are handmade with love on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Honey Girl Tip - For buzzing results, we suggest using our products within 6 months of opening. Our formulas are made with raw, natural ingredients and go through a unique process during creation, so this recommendation helps maintain their freshness and effectiveness.
We hope you feel the love we put into every single product. Comment below the product from HGO that changed your skin!
As always, we love to hear from you, our Honey Girl Organics Ohana!
Mahalo Nui, 
Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics
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