Beauty On The Go

Beauty On The Go

Written by Candice E. Meyers

My favorite time of year is here and in full swing. That’s right, Fall! Although we don’t get the dramatic seasonal changes here in Hawaii, we do get rain…and lots of it! If you have skin and a schedule like I do you feel me when I say that the slightest change in the weather has my skin breaking out and doing all kinds of unsightly and untimely gestures. That is why beauty on the go is so important to me.

I have traveled quite a lot this year in many different climates including the humid south, the dry midwest, and all the way to the North Shore where it is a little bit of both. My skin has been put through a lot to say the least! Even with all the plane rides, road trips and miles I did keep my skin routine a part of my day and maintained my overall complexion on my face and body. It’s so rewarding when you see results after being consistent even on the go.

Travel sized products became my friends quickly - and they can too for you! Honey Girl Organics has 4 amazing travel pouches with luxurious products that fit perfectly into in your suitcase. And how cute are the reusable cotton-canvas pouches? With the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons quickly approaching you will find traveling for the Holidays is a bit easier when you aren’t lugging those full sized products around house to house.

Watch out for our upcoming promotions and holiday events. Make sure you're signed up for the HGO newsletter, so you get all the latest information. You would be the star of of the family if you showed up with HGO travel pouches for all the men and women in your life! Who wouldn’t love the gift of beautiful skin?


Candice E. Meyers is the newest addition to the Honey Girl Ohana!

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I am obsessed with the Honey Girl Rose Toner and Rose Serum! I use it every night and my skin drinks it up!

Margaret Cantu

Thank you Candice! I’d love to try this. Do They have this for older skin as well? Tell me more!


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