Be Your Own Valentine

Be Your Own Valentine

Treat Yourself To Some Self Care 

One of my favorite ways to practice Self Love is with my skincare routine. It's no secret that I spend quite a bit of time on lotions, creams, masks, and scrubs. For me, Self Care is a daily practice, and once a week I treat myself to an hour (or two) with invigorating scrubs, rejuvenating masks, and deeply nourishing creams. 

If you are new to the Self Care game, here are some of my true-and-tested tips that will make you glow head to toe. 

Start With Clean Skin 

I like clean skin! If I've been wearing makeup, mineral sunscreen or spent most of my day outside, I double-cleanse. Starting with an oil-based cleanser, like the Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover, I make sure to lift all makeup, dirt, and impurities off my face with massaging the cleanser for about a minute and use a hot damp muslin cloth to wipe it all off. The oil-based cleanser even goes on my sensitive eyes to get mascara off my eyelashes. Then I continue with the Foaming Facial Wash to really get into the pores and get squeaky clean without feeling dry.  

Exfoliate & Rejuvenate 

This is probably my favorite step in the Self Care routine. I do this every week, and it feels good to take the time to care for my skin this way and to take 20 minutes out of the day to do absolutely nothing but relax. 

The Facial Scrub contains finely granulated sugar and diatomaceous earth that gently exfoliates (manually). Slowly add a little water, and the sugar + honey in this scrub turns into a mildly exfoliating acid that I leave on for a few minutes. Then I rinse it all off with warm water and a washcloth. 

Now I'm ready for the relaxing part! I slather on a good layer of the green Rejuvenating Mask, and instantly my skin is soaking it up. I let it sit on my skin for about 20+ minutes while I enjoy a cup of tea, read or meditate. 

Stimulate & Nourish

After masking, I like to increase blood flow and stimulate my face muscles with a cooling face roller. I put my roller in the fridge, as it feels extra good on my skin. I found that using the roller regularly helps with my forehead lines, depuffs my eye area, and also seems to slim my jawline. 

After 5 minutes of facial massage, I'm ready for all the nourishing good stuff. I ALWAYS use a toner and I spray it generously all over my face, neck, and chest, before applying 1-2 pumps of the Rose C Serum

The Rose C Serum is rich in antioxidants and extremely nourishing. During the summer-time here in Hawaii, the serum is all the moisture I need, but in the cooler and windier winter months, I like to apply a cream on top. Make sure to wait a few minutes so the serum soaks in, then apply a small amount of Face & Eye or Night Crème.  

We're not done

That was only 20% of your body. Now it's time for the rest. After a session of dry-scrubbing, a hot bath, and a cold shower, I indulge in the luxurious Body Crème. This goes all over and feels instantly hydrating and moisturizing. And to top it off, I massage my feet with the uplifting, ultra-rich Foot Balm. The peppermint feels cooling and relaxing on my feet. After a few minutes of letting the balm sink in, I put on my cozy socks, kick my feet up and have a lovely glass of 🍾

I hope you all take some time for Self Care this Valentine's weekend and make this part of your regular ritual for Self Love!


Sarina Erstad, Sales & Marketing Director




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