Aloha For Maui

Aloha For Maui


These past 2 weeks have brought about profound devastation to Maui and the entirety of Hawai‘i. The scale of human loss and destruction is overwhelming, leaving our hearts and minds struggling to come to terms with the enormity of it all. So many cherished homes and businesses that once thrived on Maui have been reduced to rubble, and even places of worship and historic significance have not been spared. Our collective hearts ache, as we mourn alongside our entire Hawaiian community, for all the individuals, communities, and land of Maui that have been affected. The loss is immeasurable, yet amidst the tragedy, the enduring spirit, strength, and resilience of Maui shines through.

In moments of crisis, the people of Hawai‘i have always demonstrated an extraordinary ability to unite. Honey Girl Organics recognizes the unbreakable bonds that exist within the Maui ‘ohana, among friends, colleagues, and neighbors. We are extending our support in every way possible during this challenging time. The road to recovery may be long and demanding, but our dedication remains unwavering. Today, tomorrow, and into the future, we will be a part of thisrebuilding process.

In the Hawaiian culture, "Aloha" is not merely a superficial gesture, but conveys a message of love, compassion, and respect. It is an expression of warmth and goodwill towards others, and a heartfelt acknowledgment of the shared humanity that binds us all, intertwined with a deep connection to the land, or 'āina. It reflects an understanding that our well-being is intricately linked to the health and harmony of the people and environment around us.

This week, we're donating a portion of sales to the relief efforts. Use code ALOHA4MAUI to shop 15% off, and we will donate 50% of sales to Maui United Way.


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