Adding your Favorite Essential Oils to Our Extra Sensitive Products!

Adding your Favorite Essential Oils to Our Extra Sensitive Products!

All Extra Sensitive Honey Girl Organics products are made with their core ingredients and no essential oils. That means you can add your own favorite oils to create  personalized moisturizers just for you!

Lotion Extra Sensitive being pumped

It’s important to remember that essential oils are not just aromatic; they can also have many varying effects on the skin. Certain essential oils, especially those derived from citrus fruits, can possibly cause photosensitivity, so study up thoroughly before you begin experimenting!


It’s critical to dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before applying them topically. Carrier oils can be coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil, amongst others. Since Honey Girl Organics products already have a good amount of organic extra virgin olive oil present, you shouldn’t need an extra carrier oil.

Olive Oil Pouring

One of the things we love saying at Honey Girl Organics is “a little goes a long way”, and this situation is no exception; don’t dump a whole bottle of essential oils into your products! Organic Essential Oils are often very concentrated, and you don’t need to add much to experience their benefits.

 Essential Oil dripping from pipette

Since our Extra Sensitive line has no aroma’s present aside from hints of olive oil beeswax and honey, your essential oil of choice would immediately alter the scent of the product. It’s important to spot-test, to make sure that your new, personalized extra sensitive product doesn’t cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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Have fun, and share your creations with us on Instagram, Facebook, or by email! We always love to hear from our Honey Girl Organics Ohana.

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