5 Simple Ways to Support The Bees This Earth Day!

5 Simple Ways to Support The Bees This Earth Day!

Earth Day acts as a reminder that Mother Earth needs our attention. April 22nd serves as a nudge for the importance of living a sustainable life and helping to protect our Earth’s ecosystems. 

Honey Girl Organics' story is deeply connected to the humble bee, so for this Earth Day, we are focusing on how *you* can play a critical role in supporting the bees through simple actions.

The Importance of Bees -


Without bees, around 35% of the crops we depend on like flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, and even nuts - would fail. Bees transfer pollen from male to female flower parts, fertilizing them and enabling reproduction.

Bees are also responsible for maintaining biodiversity, as they transfer pollen to a wide variety of plants, this supports the stability of the entire ecosystem. 

Bees and the products they lovingly create have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Honey, royal jelly, propolis, and more bee products are all utilized for their medicinal properties.

The beekeeping industry supports related industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food production, and cosmetics and personal care (AKA, the business of HGO!)


How To Support The Bees 


We can’t think of a more perfect day than to put together an easy actionable list of all the ways you can support the bees:

1. ❌ Avoid using pesticides and opt for natural pest control methods this spring and summer! Opt for bee-friendly pest control methods like essential oils, diatomaceous earth, and companion planting to get rid of pests without harming our friendly bees!

2. 🌺 Plant bee-friendly plants and flowers this season, not only will you have a beautiful view but these will provide a food source for the bees. You can plant lavender, clover, lilacs, and sunflowers for bee-benefiting gardens and porches this spring.

3. 🍯 Support your local beekeepers by purchasing local honey, and bee products. Not only are you strengthening your defenses against seasonal allergies, but you are also supporting the local economy and your local beekeepers and their families!

4. 💧 Create a water source in or around your lawn, bees are thirsty and need to drink water to regulate the temperature of their hives. Leaving out places for them to drink fresh water like a bird bath can support them in the hotter months! 

5. ✅ Choose organic and bee-friendly skincare lines like the products from Honey Girl Organics. When you support companies like HGO, you are supporting the bees, the beekeeping industry, organic and ethical practices, and products that are minimally processed so that they retain the power of nature!


Let this Earth Day remind you how vital you are to the Earth! Small, conscious choices can have impacts felt for generations to come.


Here’s to a brighter, bee-friendly future for all of us!


Happy Earth Day!!!


Ashley Ivy & Honey Girl Organics


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Thanks. I love your products and your commitment to the environment.

Susan Cooper

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