4 Ways to Use Facial Toner

4 Ways to Use Facial Toner

When it comes to curating the perfect skincare routine, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless clutter of products out there and even harder to decipher which are truly necessary versus which are the latest viral fad. If we have any advice for you, it’s this: less is more, and a facial toner is essential for a good regimen.

From brightening and toning to hydrating and setting, facial toner refreshes your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Our organic Facial Toner is made with rose, neroli, and propolis to delight the senses while moisturizing, healing, and prepping the skin. 

Here are 4 ways to use Facial Toner in your daily routine: 

Brighten + Tone 

Glowing skin starts here. Our Facial Toner works to keep your face bright and balanced while minimizing the appearance of pores. After cleansing, gently smooth toner onto the face to remove excess impurities and prep the skin for other skincare treatments.  

Follow up with Honey Girl serums and creams and you’re on your way to brighter skin. 

Refresh + Hydrate  

Our Facial Toner is formulated to offer extra moisture to the skin whenever you need it. With the changing of the seasons, it's especially important to keep your skin hydrated. Whether you’re looking for relief from the hot sun or from the cold, dry air, a spritz of our Facial Toner will leave you feeling refreshed instantly.  

Honey Girl Tip: Stick your Facial Toner in the refrigerator and use it as a body spray on those extra hot days.  

Makeup Setting Spray 

Perhaps our favorite toner hack! If you wear makeup, you know how crucial it is to set it before heading out for a long day. A quick spray of our Facial Toner will not only prevent your look from smudging or fading, but it will also leave you with that dewy glow we all love. 

After Shave 

Just when you think it couldn’t get better... Even the men can benefit from our Facial Toner! When used after shaving, facial toner helps to soothe skin and clear away any blemishes, leaving your freshly shaven face silky smooth. 

Try it for yourself! Shop our Facial Toner.

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