Skin Care Ox Tested Honey Girl’s The Lotion for Two Weeks And Here Are The Results

My Experience Using Honey Girl’s Organic Body Lotion. Does Honey Girl’s The Lotion Really Work?

Guest Author: Diane Elizabeth - founder of Skin Care Ox

Did you know that the average woman puts over 500 synthetic chemicals on her body every day? While many of these chemicals never sink deep enough to be absorbed into our blood stream, unfortunately, many do and they can cause serious negative effects on our health. This is why so many women are starting to pay more attention to exactly what is in their beauty products. As the demand for safer products grows, so does the laundry list of companies claiming to offer non-toxic products. When I made the choice a few years ago to switch to an organic lifestyle, to be honest, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t realize how much of a challenge it would be to find truly non-toxic, organic, and (of course) effective beauty products.

The more I searched, the more I realized that I wasn’t the only woman facing this problem. Thus, I made it my mission to find, research, and test hundreds of so-called organic beauty products for my blog, Skin Care Ox. One of the areas that I explored recently was organic body lotions. In terms of pure square footage, lotions make up a significant volume of the chemicals that we place on our bodies every day. So, it’s vitally important to choose products that are truly safe. I researched the ingredients and personally tested over 100 different so-called organic body lotions. Trust me, this was not nearly as fun as it sounds!  There are a lot of expensive and ineffective products out there that are packed with not-so-great and even hidden ingredients.

There were some gems amongst the group, however! My favorite of those gems was Honey Girl Organics’ The Lotion. I tested Honey Girl’s body lotion formula for two weeks (applying daily after showering each morning). The results were nothing short of amazing.

First of all, it is rare to find a beauty product made with 100% organic ingredients and carries the lovely USDA Certified Organic seal. Thus, I was impressed with their ingredient quality right off the bat. On top of that, this formulation actually works! It is a rich, immensely hydrating body cream which absorbs effortlessly into super dry skin. I live in Colorado where the air is extremely dry. Not only did this lotion moisturize my skin, but it also helped to heal the areas of dry, itchy, and irritated patches of skin caused by low humidity. For these results, I credit the lotion’s organic honey and organic chamomile oil with soothing my inflamed skin. Additionally, I typically need to reapply a moisturizer several times throughout the day in order to keep my skin hydrated; however, with Honey Girl, I could slather this luxurious lotion on once and never have to reapply. That’s a big deal for me and a huge testament to the effectiveness of this product.

While there are definitely organic body lotions out there which cost less, I can honestly say that there are few made with such high quality and effective ingredients as The Lotion. One of the biggest takeaways from my experiences with testing so many different products is that formulations matter. Two products may have very similar ingredients, but perform totally differently. The effectiveness of a product really comes down to the unique recipe, balance of ingredients, and craftsmanship. From the high-quality ingredients to the fact that each bottle is handmade with love in Hawaii, with Honey Girl, you can tell that their formulas are really something special.




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