HGO on the GO - From Pupukea to Prague

Written by Leilani Mitchell

Two months ago, I traded the beehives in Pupukea for the streets of Prague.  As I boarded the plane, I seriously considered missing my second flight and just heading home.  How could I trade Hawai’i for a city? I’d never lived in a city before; I had no idea what to expect.  No more lounging on the beach, or hiking through the mountains?  No more surfing?  What had possessed me to make this decision?

Thankfully, I got on that connecting flight, because nothing scares me more than giving up.

Adjusting was hard, especially for my skin.  At home, I did virtually nothing to care for my face.  The salt water, sun, and air quality did everything I needed it to do.  However, as soon as I arrived in Prague and started to make my life there, I noticed dry patches, breakouts, the like.  Not only on a cosmetic level, but I found myself having issues sleeping through the night, and feeling on edge all the time.  I found it very hard to focus on my studies.  The stress of change was really getting to me.

I brought some Honey Girl products with me for friends, but as time went on, I found myself using it more than I ever had.  It became a daily and nightly ritual.  Night Créme before I slept, and then the toner and HoneyGlo in the morning before school.  I found myself feeling much better in the weeks that I started habitually using them.  How could a skincare routine make me feel this much better?

According to Dr. Lynne Chepulis, who specializes in the healing properties of honey, not only is honey anti-inflammatory and helpful for breakouts, but Chepulis has also spent a long time studying the link between honey and lowering anxiety levels, as well as curbing memory loss.  At Honey Girl Organics, we believe in putting things on our skin that will only nourish the body, since most of what we put on our skin becomes absorbed into us, just like the food we eat.

I have continued this daily routine as I have adjusted to living life here in Europe.  My friends and family are all 12 hours behind me, but I don’t feel alone or unmotivated anymore.  Plus, I took a trip to Nice to get my fix of saltwater and sun, where I used the H2GO Protect stick, of course.

Leilani Mitchell runs Honey Girl Organics' Instagram and is a student at University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
She is currently living in Prague, doing a study-abroad program. 
You can follow her on Instagram @lawnzhawaii
And check out HGO @HoneyGirlOrganics



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